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Windows Phone 8 in Action
Timothy Binkley-Jones, Massimo Perga, Michael Sync, and Adam Benoit
  • December 2013
  • ISBN 9781617291371
  • 496 pages
  • printed in black & white
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Getting started with Windows Phone 8 couldn’t be easier than with this book!

Gary Ewan Park, Honeywell Advanced Solutions

Windows Phone 8 in Action is a comprehensive guide to developing apps for the WP8 platform. It covers the Windows Phone Runtime and .NET APIs used to work with a phone's sensors and hardware, including the accelerometer, camera, gyroscope, GPS, and microphone. You will learn to write code to dial the phone, write emails, send text messages, and recognize speech. The book also teaches you to build applications that use location and push notification.

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Part 1 Introducing Windows Phone

1. A new phone, a new operating system

1.1. Rebooting the Windows Phone platform

1.2. Windows Phone foundations

1.3. Comparing Windows Phone to other mobile platforms

1.4. The Windows Phone Developer Tools

1.5. Declaring capabilities and requirements

1.6. Summary

2. Creating your first Windows Phone application

2.1. Generating the project

2.2. Implementing Hello World

2.3. Interacting with the user

2.4. Page navigation

2.5. Summary

Part 2 Core Windows Phone

3. Fast application switching and resume

3.1. Fast application switching

3.2. Launching the application

3.3. Switching applications

3.4. Out of sight

3.5. Fast application resume

3.6. Summary

4. Scheduled actions

4.1. Working on a schedule

4.2. Introducing the Scheduled Action Service

4.3. Creating a background agent

4.4. Updating the Lock Screen

4.5. Summary

5. Launching tasks and choosers

5.1. The Tasks API

5.2. Launchers

5.3. Choosers

5.4. Summary

6. Contacts and calendars

6.1. UserData APIs

6.2. Providing Custom Contacts

6.3. Summary

7. Storing data

7.1. Creating the High Scores sample application

7.2. Storing data with application settings

7.3. Serializing data to local storage files

7.4. Working with a database

7.5. Summary

8. Working with the camera

8.1. Starting the PhotoEditor project

8.2. Working with the camera tasks

8.3. Controlling the camera

8.4. Image editing

8.5. Summary

9. Integrating with the Photos and Music + Videos Hubs

9.1. Working with pictures in the media library

9.2. Editing and sharing from the Photos Hub

9.3. Playing and recording with the Music + Videos Hub

9.4. Playing recorded audio in the Music + Videos Hub

9.5. Playing recorded audio with a background agent

9.6. Summary

10. Using sensors

10.1. Understanding the Sensor APIs

10.2. Creating the sample application

10.3. Measuring acceleration with the accelerometer

10.4. Finding direction with the compass

10.5. Pivoting with the gyrometer

10.6. Wrapping up with motion

10.7. Summary

11. Network communication with push notifications

11.1. Detecting network connectivity

11.2. Pushing notifications to a phone

11.3. Launching applications with the Installation Manager

11.4. Simulating a Push Notification Service

11.5. Summary

12. Using the Speech API

12.1. Text-to-speech

12.2. Available speaking voices

12.3. Speech Synthesis Markup Language

12.4. Voice commands

12.5. Speech recognition

12.6. Summary

Part 3 XAML for Windows Phone

13. ApplicationBar and context menus

13.1. Working with the ApplicationBar

13.2. ContextMenu

13.3. Summary

14. Panorama and pivot controls

14.1. Improving the scenery with the Panorama control

14.2. Pivoting around an application

14.3. Summary

15. Building a media player

15.1. Playing media with the MediaPlayerLauncher

15.2. Building a media player with MediaElement

15.3. Summary

16. Using Maps

16.1. Introducing Maps

16.2. Embedding a Map control

16.3. Reverse geocoding—looking up an address

16.4. Continuous tracking with Geolocator

16.5. Summary

17. Building HTML applications

17.1. Introducing Windows Phone HTML5 App projects

17.2. Launching Internet Explorer

17.3. Using HTML5

17.4. Matching the Windows Phone style

17.5. Using Scalable Vector Graphics

17.6. Executing JavaScript

17.7. Bridging C# and JavaScript

17.8. Summary

18. Releasing and monetizing apps

18.1. Ad-supported apps

18.2. Paid and trial apps

18.3. In-app purchases

18.4. Testing

18.5. Summary

© 2014 Manning Publications Co.

About the Technology

With 10 million (and climbing) active handsets, Windows Phone 8 has become a real alternative to Android and iOS. WP users are hungry for great apps, so it's time for you to start creating them!

About the book

Windows Phone 8 in Action teaches you how to design, build, and sell WP8 apps. In it, you'll learn to use the WP Runtime and .NET APIs to control key features like the accelerometer, camera, GPS, and microphone. This example-driven book also shows you how to write applications that use location and push notification, enhanced navigation services, and WP8's deep multimedia capabilities.

What's inside

  • Build your first phone app
  • Master the Windows Phone 8 interface
  • How to sell on the Windows Phone Store
  • Use features like voice recognition and media

About the reader

You'll need a working knowledge of C#. No experience with Windows Phone or XAML is required.

About the authors

Tim Binkley-Jones has worked with XAML since the first releases of WPF and Silverlight. Adam Benoit is an independent developer with more than a dozen apps in the Windows Phone Store. Massimo Perga is an engineer at Microsoft. Michael Sync is a web and WP architect.

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