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Web Components in Action

Chris Buckett
  • ISBN 9781617291944
  • 225 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white

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Web Components in Action is a thorough introduction to the new W3C Web Components specification. In it, you'll learn how to build complex web apps with Web Components and the Polymer framework using Shadow DOM, Model Driven Views, and custom elements. You'll build tags that capture reusable parts of an application, such as <login-screen> or <blog-comments>. You'll even learn how to wrap and reuse a whole application. Along the way, you'll discover how using existing and custom Web Components will make your web applications easier to build, read, and maintain.

about the technology

Complex tags, like the HTML5 date picker, are actually sophisticated HTML structures provided behind the scenes by browser vendors. The new Web Components specification enables developers to create their own hidden implementations of HTML elements. For example, instead of pasting (and re-pasting) a "Facebook Like Button" script into a web page, you'd simply create a custom-built web component-driven tag. Although this new standard isn't integrated into all browsers, the "Platform" polyfill library delivered through Google's Polymer and Mozilla's Brick projects lets you use Web Components even where native support doesn't yet exist. Better still, both Polymer and Brick offer libraries of ready-to-use components.

what's inside

  • Complete introduction to the Web Components standard
  • Using Web Components via Google Polymer and Mozilla Brick
  • Leveraging the Polymer and Brick libraries
  • Using ShadowDOM to create more flexible components

about the reader

This book assumes intermediate HTML and CSS skills. No experience with Web Components or Polymer is required.

about the author

Chris Buckett is a seasoned front-end developer with Web, Java and .NET experience. Chris is also a Google Developer Expert and the author of Dart in Action from Manning Publications.

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