The Cloud at Your Service
The when, how, and why of enterprise cloud computing
Jothy Rosenberg and Arthur Mateos
Foreword by Anne Thomas Manes
  • November 2010
  • ISBN 9781935182528
  • 272 pages
  • printed in black & white

Cuts through the complexity to just what's needed.

Anne Thomas Manes, From the Foreword

Practically unlimited storage, instant scalability, zero-downtime upgrades, low start-up costs, plus pay-only-for-what-you-use without sacrificing security or performance are all benefits of cloud computing. But how do you make it work in your enterprise? What should you move to the cloud? How? And when?

The Cloud at Your Service answers these questions and more. Written for IT pros at all levels, this book finds the sweet spot between rapidly changing details and hand-waving hype. It shows you practical ways to work with current services like Amazon's EC2 and S3. You'll also learn the pros and cons of private clouds, the truth about cloud data security, and how to use the cloud for high scale applications.

Table of Contents detailed table of contents




about this book

1. What is cloud computing?

1.1. Five main principles that define cloud computing

1.2. Benefits that can be garnered from moving to the cloud

1.3. Evolution of IT leading to cloud computing

1.4. Classifying cloud layers: different types for different uses

1.5. Summary

2. Understanding cloud computing classifications

2.1. The technological underpinnings of cloud computing

2.2. Understanding the different classifications of clouds

2.3. Matching cloud providers to your needs

2.4. Summary

3. The business case for cloud computing

3.1. The economics of cloud computing

3.2. Where does the cloud make sense?

3.3. Where does the cloud not make sense?

3.4. Zero-capital startups

3.5. Small and medium businesses

3.6. Cloud computing in the enterprise

3.7. Summary

4. Security and the private cloud

4.1. Information security in the public cloud

4.2. Rationale for a private cloud

4.3. A virtual private cloud

4.4. Private clouds in practice

4.5. The long-term viability of private clouds

4.6. Summary

5. Designing and architecting for cloud scale

5.1. High-scale application patterns that fit the cloud best

5.2. Designing and architecting for internet scale: sharding

5.3. Designing for on-demand capacity: cloudbursting

5.4. Designing for exponentially expanding storage

5.5. Summary

6. Achieving high reliability at cloud scale

6.1. SOA as a precursor to the cloud

6.2. Distributed high-performance cloud reliability

6.3. Summary

7. Testing, deployment, and operations in the cloud

7.1. Typical software deployments

7.2. The cloud to the rescue

7.3. The power of parallelization

7.4. Summary

8. Practical considerations

8.1. Choosing a cloud vendor

8.2. Public cloud providers and SLAs

8.3. Measuring cloud operations

8.4. Summary

9. Cloud 9: the future of the cloud

9.1. The most significant transformation IT has ever undergone

9.2. Ten predictions about how the cloud will evolve

9.3. Ten predictions about how application development will evolve

9.4. Summary

Appendix A: Information security refresher


What's inside

  • How to build scalable and reliable applications
  • The state of the art in technology, vendors, practices
  • What to keep in-house and what to offload
  • How to migrate existing IT to the cloud
  • How to build secure applications and data centers

About the authors

A PhD in computer science, Jothy Rosenberg is a former Duke professor, author of three previous books, and serial entrepreneur involved in the cloud movement from its infancy. A technology entrepreneur with a PhD in nuclear physics from MIT, Arthur Mateos has brought to market pioneering SaaS products built on the cloud.

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