Tapestry in Action you own this product

Howard M. Lewis Ship
  • March 2004
  • ISBN 9781932394115
  • 580 pages

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Tapestry in Action is the definitive guide to the Tapestry approach: creating full-featured web apps by connecting framework components to economical amounts of application code. Many simple examples show you how to tackle common tasks such as form validation, application localization, client-side scripting, and synchronization between browser and app server. Later chapters discuss more advanced topics including creation of new components and integration with J2EE.

about the technology

Many web development frustrations can be traced back to the underlying stateless HTTP protocol. Tapestry represents state and behavior as standard Java objects, methods and properties. That means state management and multithreading are handled by the framework, leaving you with just your application's business logic. Tapestry does more, you do less.

what's inside

  • Tapestry's Component Object Model
  • How to write new components
  • How to configure third party components
  • Dynamic JavaScript integration
  • Form validation
  • Tapestry/JSP integration
  • Localization/internationalization
  • J2EE integration

about the reader

If you want to create great web applications using Tapestry and know Java (plus plain-vanilla HTML and a little XML), this book is for you.

about the author

A professional software developer with fifteen years of experience and a member of the Apache Software Foundation, Howard Lewis Ship is the creator and the principal architect of Tapestry.

...masterfully written, making this elegant framework accessible to all Java web developers.

Erik Hatcher, Java Development with Ant

Tapestry In Action absolutely rocks!

Bill Lear, Wayport Inc./DejaNews

Tapestry is 'the way' ...and there is no better authority on the subject than Howard Lewis Ship.

Geoff Longman, Intelligent Works, developer of Spindle for Eclipse

I found this book just right--for newcomers and experienced Tapestry developers alike.

Richard Lewis-Shell, Techcon

Keep you rhtml code-free--write OO webpages the Tapestry way!

Joel Trunick, SmartPrice.com

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