Swing, Second Edition
Matthew Robinson and Pavel Vorobiev
Foreword by James Gosling, "Father" of Java
  • January 2003
  • ISBN 9781930110885
  • 912 pages

This book builds on the successful approach of the first edition of Swing, once again taking the power and flexibility of Java's Swing library to its limits. Using a fast-paced style, it starts by introducing each of the Swing components and continues with production-quality code examples in which Swing features are customized, combined, and vigorously exercised to demonstrate real-world usage.

With over 400 pages of revised text, additional examples, and new material to bring the book up to date with J2SE 1.4, Swing Second Edition includes complete coverage of the new JSpinner and JFormattedTextField components, the new Focus and Keyboard architectures, and many other new and enhanced Swing features. Three new chapters have also been added to cover the construction of HTML and XML editor applications, and how to work with the new Drag & Drop architecture.

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Part I. Foundations

1. Swing overview

2. Swing mechanics

Part II. The Basics

3. Frames, panels, and borders

4. Layout managers

5. Labels and buttons

6. Tabbed panes

7. Scrolling panes

8. Split panes

9. Combo boxes

10. List boxes and spinners

11. Text components and undo

12. Menus, toolbars, and actions

13. Progress bars, sliders, and scroll bars

14. Dialogs

Part III. Advanced Topics

15. Layered panes & custom MDI

16. Desktops & internal frames

17. Trees

18. Tables

19. Inside Text Components

20. Constructing an HTML editor application

21. Pluggable look and feel

Part IV. Special Topics

22. Printing

23. Constructing an XML editor

24. Drag & Drop

Appendix A: Java Web Start

Appendix B: Resources

What's inside

  • In-depth table, tree, text, MDI and L&F coverage
  • All about painting, multithreading, keyboard focus and input
  • Guidelines and techniques for good UI design
  • Using the new JSpinner and JFormattedTextField components
  • Scrollable tabbed panes and indeterminate progress bars
  • How to implement, among other things:
  • FTP and JPEG editor applications
  • A full featured MDI plain text editor application
  • JTable stock quote and expense report applications
  • A JavaBeans property editor application
  • A full featured HTML editor application
  • A JTree-based file system explorer application
  • Sorting and printing tables
  • A custom multi-page print preview component
  • An XML editor application
  • Drag & Drop

About the authors

Matt Robinson, cofounder of Santa Clara-based Recruitforce.com, has four years' experience as a Swing engineer working on enterprise software. He has written numerous contributions to Java books, magazines and academic publications. Pavel Vorobiev, also a Recruitforce cofounder, has 16 years of software development experience at both small and large companies such as Iona, i2 Technologies and Merrill Lynch. He is the co-author of four earlier Java books.

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