Subversion in Action
Jeffrey Machols
  • December 2004
  • ISBN 9781932394474
  • 356 pages

The most thorough walkthrough of Subversion tools and features I've seen.

Staff Reviewer,

Subversion in Action introduces you to Subversion and the concepts of version control. Using production-quality examples it teaches you how Subversion features can be customized and combined to effectively deal with your day-to-day source control problems. You'll learn how to do practical things you cannot do with CVS, like seamlessly renaming and moving files. The book covers branching and repository control, access control, and much more.

About the Technology

A new-generation version control tool, Subversion is replacing the current open source standard, CVS. With Subversion's control components you can simplify and streamline the management of your code way beyond what's possible with CVS. For example, with just one powerful feature, Subversion's atomic commit, you can easily track and roll back a set of changes.

About the book

Learn all about this new open source version control application and why it is replacing CVS as the standard. Examples demonstrate how to customize features to deal with day-to-day problems.

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1. Introduction

2. Getting started

3. Managing your working copy

4. Getting change information

5. Branches and tags

6. Properties

7. Repository administration

8. Advanced administration and configuration

9. Subversion utility clients

10. Third-party tools

11. Subversion in a development lifecycle

Appendix A: SSL certificates

Appendix B: Building Subversion


What's inside

  • Integrate Subversion into your development environment
  • Repository creation, backup, and options
  • Svnadmin and svnlook client interfaces
  • Change logs and comparing versions
  • Advanced administration and configuration commands
  • Lifecycle development with Subversion

About the reader

This book is written not just for release engineers, but also for developers, configuration managers, and system administrators.

About the author

A system administrator and developer with over ten years of experience, Jeffrey Machols is a cofounder of the Apache Directory Project and an early adopter of Subversion. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

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