Spring Dynamic Modules in Action
Arnaud Cogoluegnes, Thierry Templier, and Andy Piper
Foreword by Peter Kriens
  • September 2010
  • ISBN 9781935182306
  • 548 pages

"A crucial book."

Peter Kriens, OSGi Technical Director

Spring Dynamic Modules in Action is a comprehensive tutorial that presents OSGi concepts and maps them to the familiar ideas of the Spring framework. In it, you'll learn to effectively use Spring DM. You will master powerful techniques like embedding a Spring container inside an OSGi bundle, and see how Spring's dependency injection compliments OSGi. Along the way, you'll learn to handle data access and web-based components, and explore topics like unit testing and configuration in OSGi.

About the Technology

Spring Dynamic Modules is a flexible OSGi-based framework that makes component building a snap. With Spring DM, you can easily create highly modular applications and you can dynamically add, remove, and update your modules.

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Part 1 Spring DM basics

1. Modular development with Spring and OSGi

1.1. Java modularity

1.2. The Spring Framework

1.3. A new approach to modular development with OSGi

1.4. Using Spring in an OSGi environment with Spring DM

1.5. Spring DM Hello World

1.6. Summary

2. Understanding OSGi technology

2.1. OSGi components

2.2. Component dependencies

2.3. Interacting with the OSGi container

2.4. Service support in OSGi

2.5. Handling native code

2.6. Diagnosing errors

2.7. Summary

3. Getting started with Spring DM

3.1. Using Spring in OSGi components

3.2. Installing Spring DM

3.3. Using a fragment to configure the LOG4J bundle

3.4. Developing Spring DM bundles

3.5. Developing Spring DM web bundles

3.6. Summary

Part 2 Core Spring DM

4. Using Spring DM extenders

4.1. Unleashing Spring DM’s standard extender

4.2. Unleashing Spring DM’s web extender

4.3. Summary

5. Working with OSGi services

5.1. Dependency injection and OSGi services

5.2. The thread context classloader and its use in OSGi

5.3. Advanced OSGi service configuration

5.4. Handling OSGi service dynamics

5.5. Handling collections of OSGi services

5.6. Programmatic service support

5.7. Summary

6. OSGi and Spring DM for enterprise applications

6.1. Building an OSGi repository for enterprise applications

6.2. OSGi-ifying libraries and frameworks

6.3. Designing OSGi enterprise applications

6.4. How Spring DM handles OSGi applications' dynamic behavior

6.5. Summary

7. Data access in OSGi with Spring DM

7.1. Using JDBC within OSGi with Spring DM

7.2. Using ORM within OSGi with Spring DM

7.3. Transactions

7.4. Using the open EntityManager in view pattern

7.5. Summary

8. Developing OSGi web components with Spring DM and web frameworks

8.1. Using action-based web frameworks with Spring DM

8.2. Using component-based web frameworks with Spring DM

8.3. Using AJAX frameworks with Spring DM

8.4. Using web services with Spring DM

8.5. Summary

Part 3 Advanced topics

9. Advanced concepts

9.1. Configuring Spring DM core components

9.2. Extending the standard extender

9.3. Extending the web extender and WAR deployer

9.4. Configuring embedded web containers

9.5. Support for Java 2 security

9.6. Advanced patterns

9.7. Summary

10. Testing with Spring DM

10.1. Testing OSGi components with Spring DM

10.2. Strict unit tests for OSGi components

10.3. Integration tests for OSGi applications

10.4. Summary

11. Support for OSGi compendium services

11.1. Overview of compendium services

11.2. Spring DM’s Configuration Admin Service support

11.3. Spring DM’s Event Admin Service support

11.4. Summary

12. The Blueprint specification

12.1. Standardization of Spring DM

12.2. A taxonomy of Blueprint

12.3. Blueprint manager syntax

12.4. Runtime support and lifecycle

12.5. Using Spring DM with Blueprint

12.6. Summary

Appendix A: Spring DM development with Eclipse

Appendix B: OSGi development with Maven 2

Appendix C: Spring DM development with Ant and Ivy

Appendix D: OSGi development with the Pax tools


What's inside

  • An introduction to OSGi for Spring developers
  • How to use Spring with Spring DM
  • How to develop enterprise OSGi applications

About the reader

This book assumes a background in Spring but requires no prior exposure to OSGi or Spring Dynamic Modules.

About the authors

A Java EE architect, Arnaud Cogoluègnes specializes in middleware. Thierry Templier is a Java EE and rich web architect. He contributed the JCA and Lucene to Spring. Andy Piper is a software architect with Oracle and a committer on the Spring DM project.

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