Silverlight 4 in Action you own this product

Silverlight 4, ViewModel Pattern, and WCF RIA Services
Pete Brown
Revised edition of Silverlight 2 in Action by Chad Campbell and John Stockton
  • October 2010
  • ISBN 9781935182375
  • 800 pages
  • printed in black & white

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Look inside

Silverlight 4 in Action is a comprehensive guide to application building using C#. It goes into action immediately in a thorough introduction. It then follows up with numerous nifty examples to explore flexible layout, control extensibility, the communication and binding models, rich media, animation, and much more.

about the technology

Silverlight gives you entirely new ways to create rich internet applications, and now Silverlight 4 adds many powerful enhancements to the mix.

what's inside

  • Comprehensive and deep
  • Author an authority
  • Effective UI design with MVVM
  • Building with WCF RIA Services
  • Out-of-browser, COM and Custom Chrome

about the reader

This book explores practical questions in patterns, testing, and performance optimization throughout. No previous experience with Silverlight is required.

about the author

Pete Brown is the Microsoft Community Program Manager for Silverlight and WPF. The First Edition was written by independent developers Chad Campbell and John Stockton.

First Edition Authors

Chad Campbell is a Microsoft MVP and solutions architect. He has been developing enterprise-level web applications with a wide variety of technologies since 1999. He holds MCSD and MCTS certifications and holds BS degree from Purdue University.

John Stockton is a web applications developer and is active in the Silverlight community, speaking at and organizing live and online events.

Goes deeply into why Silverlight works the way it does, not just step by step explanations. Pete Brown is the only guy who could have written this book.

Al Pascual, ERSI

It raises the bar for Silverlight titles- go and buy this book!

Richard Costall, NxtGenUG Blog

This is a great book and its MVVM chapter is a true gem.

Omar Shraim, Manning Author Online Forum