Securing Cloud Applications you own this product

With examples using Spring and Kubernetes
Adib Saikali
  • MEAP began November 2021
  • Publication in Summer 2023 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617298585
  • 525 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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A great guide covering security essentials for application developers in the 2020s. It simplifies complex topics & prepares you to handle real-world application security concerns.

Radhakrishna MV
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Cloud applications have special security requirements and concerns. This book demonstrates effective real-world practices to keep your cloud and Kubernetes-deployed applications safe and sound.

In Securing Cloud Applications you will learn how to:

  • Configure industry standard security protocols correctly
  • Quickly debug errors and exceptions form security libraries
  • Utilize the developer-friendly Google Tink cryptography library
  • Work with X.509 digital certificates for implementing application security
  • Setup passwordless logins using the WebAuthentication protocol
  • Implement single sign on using OpenID Connect protocol
  • Establish authentication and authorization services using the Spring Authorization Server
  • Make use of popular secret storage solutions including HashiCorp Vault, AWS KMS, Google KMS, and Azure Key Vault
  • Use the security features of Kubernetes to secure deployed applications
  • Securely containerize application code

Securing Cloud Applications is a hands-on guide for working developers. It minimizes the abstract and complex security theory, instead focusing on the practices you need to secure applications running on Kubernetes and the cloud. In it, you’ll learn how to take advantage of pre-built security services in your daily development. Author Adib Saikali takes a developer-to-developer approach, sharing hard-won lessons from many years securing software in real-world environments. Easy-to-follow sample applications written in Java take you hands-on with security standards and protocols, turning complex concepts into practical solutions.

about the technology

Despite its absolute importance, security practices can appear to be confusing, complex, and mysterious. This book breaks down the fundamentals of securing cloud-based applications in a way that’s both practical and easy to understand. The goal is simple: you’ll learn the concepts and practices you’ll need to keep your cloud applications and data safe during development and after deployment.

about the book

Securing Cloud Applications demystifies complex security protocols, algorithms, and patterns, and demonstrates how to put them into practice in everyday development. This one-stop guide to all major security concepts will teach you how to rapidly debug security-related issues, and put an end to unreliable fixes.

Sample cloud applications help illustrate complex security ideas in a digestible and developer-friendly way. Discover how to use cryptographic algorithms correctly, liberate your users from constant passwords and logins, and make your life easier with prebuilt security from leading cloud key management vaults and services. By the time you’re done, you’ll know everything you need to keep your applications secure and your company’s data safe.

about the reader

For intermediate Java developers ready to up their security skills.

about the author

Adib Saikali started his professional software development career in 1995. Over the past 25 years he has implemented security in a variety of applications. Adib is currently a principal solutions engineer at VMware Tanzu and a regular conference speaker.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

Have a look at this book if you want to skill up on security topics! And don't fear mathematics, that's totally abstracted away, so that you can focus on the practical aspect of it.

Christoph Schubert

Read this book If you want to write secure code by understanding what you are writing.

Sani Sudhakaran

Provides an entry point into the technical breadth required to be a security-conscious developer. It isn't lofty and gets to the point in short order. Highly recommended.

Joe Ivans

A very solid introduction for jack-of-all-trades developers who need to implement security but aren't full time security engineers.

Conor Redmond

Great foundational book on application security for modern applications.

Adrian Rossi

Very good coverage of all you need to know.

Mladen Knežić

The concept is inviting, the writing sound, the experience insightful, and the content invaluable.

Grant Lennon