Restlet in Action
Developing RESTful web APIs in Java
Jerome Louvel, Thierry Templier, and Thierry Boileau
Foreword by Brian Sletten
  • September 2012
  • ISBN 9781935182344
  • 464 pages
  • printed in black & white

Broad, deep, and example-driven.

From the Foreword by Brian Sletten, Bosatsu Consulting

Restlet in Action gets you started with the Restlet Framework and the REST architecture style. You'll create and deploy applications in record time while learning to use popular RESTful Web APIs effectively. This book looks at the many aspects of web development, on both the server and client side, along with cloud computing, mobile Android devices, and Semantic Web applications.

About the Technology

In a RESTful architecture any component can act, if needed, as both client and server—this is flexible and powerful, but tricky to implement. The Restlet project is a reference implementation with a Java-based API and everything you need to build servers and web clients that integrate with most web and enterprise technologies.

About the book

Restlet in Action introduces the Restlet Framework and RESTful web APIs. Youll see how to easily create and deploy your own web API while learning to consume other web APIs effectively. You'll learn about designing, securing, versioning, documentation, optimizing, and more on both the server and client side, as well as about cloud computing, mobile Android devices, and Semantic Web applications.

What's inside

  • Written by the creators of Restlet!
  • How to create your own web API
  • How to deploy on cloud and mobile platforms
  • Focus on Android, Google App Engine, Google Web Toolkit, and OSGi technologies

About the reader

The book requires a basic knowledge of Java and the web, but no prior exposure to REST or Restlet.

About the authors

Jerome Louvel is cofounder and CEO of Restlet Inc. and Restlet SAS, and the creator of the Restlet Framework. Thierry Templier is an R&D architect at Restlet SAS, and a core developer of the Restlet Framework. Thierry Boileau is cofounder of Restlet SAS, an open source community manager, and core developer of the Restlet Framework.

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Accurate, informative, and extremely useful.

Dustin Jenkins, National Research Council of Canada

A must-have for RESTful web services Java developers.

Fabián Mandelbaum, NeoDoc SARL

A broad reach for a perfectly minimalist framework.

Tal Liron, Three Crickets

Thoroughly recommended ... helps the reader come to grips with REST.

Dave Pawson, Pawson Software Services, Ltd