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Itamar Syn-Hershko
  • ISBN 9781617294600
  • 221 pages

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Manning will not be releasing RavenDB in Action as a finished book. However, we're pleased to offer the complete manuscript to you FREE. It's still a great way to learn RavenDB; it just lacks our usual finishing touches. Just add the free eBook to your cart and check out. We'll add it to your Manning account. You can also read the complete manuscript in liveBook.

about the technology

The data you encounter in the real world is usually easier to think of as objects or documents than as the tables and rows required by a standard RDBMS. RavenDB, a modern document-oriented database written in .NET, requires no schema to be declared and enables developers to work with data more naturally. RavenDB applications are high-performance, low-latency, and easy to scale and maintain.

about the book

RavenDB in Action introduces RavenDB and the document database model. After explaining the basics and offering a quick-and-dirty sample application, this end-to-end guide dives into core RavenDB techniques. You'll find thoroughly-documented examples on extending RavenDB, deployment stories, and tips to ensure production readiness, along with coverage of advanced topics like full-text search. After reading this book, you should be comfortable building efficient database-backed applications using RavenDB.

what's inside

  • Start fresh or expand your RavenDB knowledge
  • Building your first RavenDB database
  • Understanding RavenDB inside and out
  • Full-text, geo-spatial, and reporting queries
  • Extending your RavenDB database
  • Document-oriented modeling
  • Scaling out your databases

about the reader

Readers should be proficient in C#. No experience with RavenDB, NoSQL, or document databases is required.

about the author

Itamar Syn-Hershko is a software architect with extensive experience in database technologies and search engines. Itamar served as a core developer for RavenDB at Hibernating Rhinos where he also delivered the official RavenDB workshop. He's an active participant of various open-source projects and a committer for Apache Lucene.NET.

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