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Data Analysis and Graphics with R
Robert I. Kabacoff
  • August 2011
  • ISBN 9781935182399
  • 472 pages

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Look inside

R in Action is the first book to present both the R system and the use cases that make it such a compelling package for business developers. The book begins by introducing the R language, including the development environment. Focusing on practical solutions, the book also offers a crash course in practical statistics and covers elegant methods for dealing with messy and incomplete data using features of R.

about the technology

R is a powerful language for statistical computing and graphics that can handle virtually any data-crunching task. It runs on all important platforms and provides thousands of useful specialized modules and utilities. This makes R a great way to get meaningful information from mountains of raw data.

about the book

R in Action is a language tutorial focused on practical problems. It presents useful statistics examples and includes elegant methods for handling messy, incomplete, and nonnormal data that are difficult to analyze using traditional methods. And statistical analysis is only part of the story. You'll also master R's extensive graphical capabilities for exploring and presenting data visually.

what's inside

  • Practical data analysis, step by step
  • Interfacing R with other software
  • Using R to visualize data
  • Over 130 graphs
  • Eight reference appendixes

about the author

Dr. Rob Kabacoff is a seasoned researcher who specializes in data analysis. He has taught graduate courses in statistical programming and manages the Quick-R website at statmethods.net.

Lucid and engaging...and fun way to learn R!

Amos A. Folarin, University College London

Finally, a book that brings R to the real world.

Charles Malpas, University of Melbourne

R from a programmer's point of view.

Philipp K. Janert, Principal Value, LLC

A great balance of targeted tutorials and in-depth examples.

Landon Cox, 360VL, Inc.

An excellent introduction and reference from the author of the best R website.

Christopher Williams, University of Idaho