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Programming Mac OS X
A Guide for UNIX Developers
Kevin O'Malley
  • January 2003
  • ISBN 9781930110854
  • 384 pages
Programming Mac OS X
A Guide for UNIX Developers
Kevin O'Malley

A guide for UNIX developers who want accurate information on getting up to speed with Mac OS X and its software development environment, Programming Mac OS X provides programmers all the information they need to understand and use the operating system, its development tools, and key technologies such as Darwin, Cocoa and AppleScript.

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Part 1 Overview

1. Welcome to Mac OS X

2. Navigating and using Mac OS X

Part 2 Tools

3. Project Builder and Interface Builder

4. Development tools

Part 3 Programming

5. Objective-C and the Cocoa development frameworks

6. Cocoa programming

7. AppleScript programming

8. Mac OS X and beyond

Appendix A: Getting and installing development tools

Appendix B: UNIX and Mac OS X command mappings

Appendix C: The precursor of Mac OS X: Mac OS

Appendix D: A brief history of UNIX



About the book

Users are introduced to the UNIX-based foundations of Mac OS X and shown how they fit into Mac OS X architecture. Also provided is coverage of both GUI and command-line software development tools, realistic programming examples that developers will encounter, and a discussion of Macintosh-style software development.

About the author

Kevin O'Malley is a software engineer at the University of Michigan's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He has developed software for embedded medical systems, online auction servers, agent-based automated negotiation systems, and computer music applications under UNIX and Mac OS X. He lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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