Mondrian in Action
William Back, Nicholas Goodman, and Julian Hyde
  • September 2013
  • ISBN 9781617290985
  • 288 pages
  • printed in black & white

A wonderful introduction to Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Lorenzo De Leon, Authentify, Inc.

Mondrian in Action teaches business users and developers how to use Mondrian and related tools for strategic business analysis. You'll learn how to design and populate a data warehouse and present the data via a multidimensional model. You'll follow examples showing how to create a Mondrian schema and then expand it to add basic security based on the users' roles.

About the Technology

Mondrian is an open source, lightning-fast data analysis engine designed to help you explore your business data and perform speed-of-thought analysis. Mondrian can be integrated into a wide variety of business analysis applications and learning it requires no specialized technical knowledge.

About the book

Mondrian in Action teaches you to use Mondrian for strategic business analysis. In it, you'll learn how to organize and present data in a multidimensional manner. You'll follow apt and thoroughly explained examples showing how to create a Mondrian schema and then expand it to add basic security based on users' roles. Developers will discover how to integrate Mondrian using its olap4j Java API and web service calls via XML for Analysis.

Table of Contents detailed table of contents


about this book


1. Beyond reporting: business analytics

1.1. The need for business analytics

1.2. Replacing static reports with online analytical processing (OLAP)

1.3. OLAP to the rescue

1.4. Summary

2. Mondrian: a first look

2.1. Mondrian’s role in analytics

2.2. Running and using Mondrian

2.3. Multidimensional modeling

2.4. Getting and organizing the data

2.5. Summary

3. Creating the data mart

3.1. Structuring data for analytics

3.2. Additional star schema modeling techniques

3.3. Summary

4. Multidimensional modeling: making analytics data accessible

4.1. A simple schema

4.2. Anatomy of a schema

4.3. Dimensions, hierarchies, and levels

4.4. Summary

5. How schemas grow

5.1. Schema evolution

5.2. Alternative ways to store dimensions

5.3. Advanced hierarchy structures

5.4. Calculations

5.5. Summary

6. Securing data

6.1. Use of roles

6.2. Security grants

6.3. Summary

7. Maximizing Mondrian performance

7.1. Figuring out where the problems are

7.2. Tuning the database

7.3. Aggregate tables

7.4. Caching

7.5. Priming the cache

7.6. Flushing the cache

7.7. Summary

8. Dynamic security

8.1. Preparing for dynamic security

8.2. Restricting data using a dynamic schema processor

8.3. Restricting data using dynamic role modification

8.4. Deciding which security approach to use

8.5. Summary

9. Working with Mondrian and Pentaho

9.1. Pentaho Analyzer

9.2. Saiku

9.3. Community Dashboard Framework

9.4. Pentaho Report Designer

9.5. Pentaho Data Integration

9.6. Summary

10. Developing with Mondrian

10.1. Calling Mondrian from a thin client

10.2. Calling Mondrian from a Java application

10.3. Summary

11. Advanced analytics

11.1. Advanced analytics in Mondrian with MDX

11.2. What-if analysis

11.3. Statistics and machine learning

11.4. Big Data

11.5. Summary

Appendix A: Installing and running Mondrian

Appendix B: Online resources

Appendix C: Schema shortcuts


What's inside

  • Mondrian from the ground up -- no experience required
  • A primer on business analytics
  • Using Mondrian with a variety of leading applications
  • Optimizing and restricting business data for fast, secure analysis

About the reader

Written for developers building data analysis solutions. Appropriate for tech-savvy business users and DBAs needing to query and report on data.

About the authors

William D. Back is an Enterprise Architect and Director of Pentaho Services. Nicholas Goodman is a Business Intelligence pro who has authored training courses on OLAP and Mondrian. Julian Hyde founded Mondrian and is the project's lead developer.

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