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Microsoft Reporting Services in Action

Teo Lachev
  • August 2004
  • ISBN 9781932394221
  • 656 pages

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There are less than a dozen books dealing with MSRS, I think this is the best of the competition.

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Business reporting is a lifeline of business, so a better reporting environment is a big deal. With a sophisticated, modern tool like Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services, you can report-enable any type of application, regardless of its targeted platform or development language.

Written for information workers, system administrators, and developers, Microsoft Reporting Services in Action is a detailed and practical guide to the functionality provided by Reporting Services. It systematically shows off many powerful RS features by leading you through a dizzying variety of possible uses. Following a typical report lifecycle, the book shows you how to create, manage, and deliver RS reports.

about the book

In the first half, you will master the skills you need to create reports. System administrators will learn the ropes of managing and securing the report environment. The second half of the book teaches developers the techniques they need to integrate RS with their WinForm or web-based applications. It does this with the help of a wide variety of real-world scenarios which will give you ideas on how to use RS in addition to teaching you the ropes.

what's inside

  • Extend RS with custom code
  • Implement dynamic reports with Office Web Components
  • Create reports off ADO.NET datasets
  • Deliver reports to Web Services
  • Expose reports as RSS feeds
  • Customize RS security
  • Evaluate RS performance and capacity
  • and more

about the author

Teo Lachev has more than 11 years of experience designing and developing Microsoft-centered solutions. He is currently working as a technology consultant with the Enterprise Application Services practice of Hewlett-Packard. Teo is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and Microsoft Certified Trainer. He lives in Atlanta, GA.

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