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Fergal Grimes
  • December 2002
  • ISBN 9781930110199
  • 386 pages
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Packed full of practical examples, Microsoft.NET for Programmers presents a case study which takes you through the design of an application "engine" and its implementation as a .NET assembly. You'll reuse the engine to create different versions of the application using Windows Forms, Remoting, Web Services, Windows Services, COM, MSMQ, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and the Mobile Internet Toolkit. You'll also learn about fundamental .NET concepts such as types and assemblies and develop a simple language compiler which can emit a .NET executable.

Also included is an appendix containing a comprehensive introduction to the C# programming language.

about the reader

Written for intermediate and advanced programmers, this book builds on your existing knowledge to teach you exactly what you need to know to develop .NET applications.

about the author

Fergal Grimes is a freelance programmer and systems designer. He has 15 years' experience developing diverse applications for embedded, mainframe, client/server, and Web-based platforms, and is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and a Sun Certified Java Developer. He lives in Hollywood, California.

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