Location-Aware Applications
Richard Ferraro and Murat Aktihanoglu
  • July 2011
  • ISBN 9781935182337
  • 320 pages

A practical technology- and business-oriented introduction.

Gabor Paller, Ericsson

Location-Aware Applications is a comprehensive guide to the technology and business of creating compelling location-based services and applications. The book walks you through the LBS landscape, from mapping technologies to available platforms; from toolkits to business questions like monetization and privacy.

About the book

Mobile customers want entertainment, business apps, and on-the-go services that recognize and respond to location. This book will guide you through the technology and business of mobile applications so you can create competitive and innovative apps based on location-based services. It is an engaging look at the LBS landscape, from choosing the right mobile platform, to making money with your application, to dealing with privacy issues. It provides insight into a wealth of ideas for LBS development so you can build the next killer app.

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about this book

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Part 1 LBS, the big picture

1. Location-based services: an overview

1.1. What are location-based services?

1.2. Today’s commercial and consumer LBSs

1.3. Challenges of developing mobile LBSs

1.4. Future opportunities of LBS

1.5. Summary

2. Positioning technologies

2.1. What are positioning technologies?

2.2. Cell ID

2.3. Wireless positioning systems

2.4. New positioning methods

2.5. Summary

3. Mapping

3.1. Mapping APIs

3.2. Comparison of mapping APIs

3.3. Map providers

3.4. Browser-based location

3.5. Summary

4. Content options

4.1. Content licenses

4.2. Content distribution formats

4.3. Licensing content from third parties

4.4. User-generated content

4.5. Mashups

4.6. Our coding mashup example

4.7. Summary

Part 2 Technology

5. Consumer applications

5.1. Navigating to a destination

5.2. Connecting with other people or local places

5.3. Entertainment or play

5.4. New app development frontiers

5.5. Summary

6. Mobile platforms

6.2. How programming and distribution options are evolving

6.3. Java ME

6.4. Symbian

6.5. iPhone and iPad

6.6. Android

6.7. webOS

6.8. BlackBerry OS

6.9. Windows Mobile

6.10. LiMo

6.11. MeeGo

6.12. BREW

6.13. Mobile development frameworks

6.14. Testing

6.15. Summary

7. Connectivity issues

7.1. Key success factors in connectivity

7.2. Security of location data

7.3. Location-aware platform examples

7.4. Summary

8. Server-side integration

8.1. Server functionality

8.2. Server APIs

8.3. Spatial databases

8.4. Performance

8.5. Returning POIs example

8.6. Third-party LBS servers

8.7. Summary

Part 3 Creating winning LBS businesses

9. Monetization of location-based services

9.1. The consumer as a source of revenue

9.2. Businesses as a source of revenue

9.3. Monetizing IP

9.4. Summary

10. The privacy debate

10.1. What do we mean by privacy?

10.2. The privacy debate

10.3. Who manages the privacy of LBS?

10.4. Privacy legislation

10.5. Complying with privacy legislation

10.6. Summary

11. Distributing your application

11.1. A product is only as good as its distribution

11.2. Publishing your app

11.3. App store discoverability

11.4. Distributing through third parties

11.5. Summary

12. Securing your business idea

12.1. Strategic planning

12.2. Funding your business strategy

12.3. Securing your business strategy

12.4. Summary

Appendix A: Java code examples referred to in chapter 2

Appendix B: Business plan outline

Appendix C: Term sheet for proposed investment


What's inside

  • Managing location-aware content
  • Making money from location-based services
  • Augmented reality and tablets
  • Detailed examples for iPhone and Android

About the reader

This book is written for developers and business pros—no prior knowledge of location-based services is assumed.

About the authors

Ric Ferraro cofounded GeoMe Communications, a location-aware app innovator. Murat Aktihanoglu is the founder of Centrl.com, a location-based social network.

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