Lift in Action
The Simply Functional Web Framework for Scala
Timothy Perrett
  • November 2011
  • ISBN 9781935182801
  • 424 pages

The best guide for building secure, scalable, and real-time web applications using Scala and Lift.

Guillaume Belrose, Quantel Ltd

Lift in Action is a step-by-step exploration of the Lift framework. It moves through the subject quickly using carefully crafted, well-explained examples that make you comfortable from the start. You'll follow an entertaining Travel Auction application that covers the core concepts and shows up architectural and development strategies. Handy appendixes offer a Scala crash course and guidance for setting up a good coding environment.

About the Technology

Lift is a Scala-based web framework designed for extremely interactive and engaging web applications. It's highly scalable, production-ready, and will run in any servlet container. And Lift's convention-over-configuration approach lets you avoid needless work.

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Part 1 Getting started

1. Introducing Lift

1.1. What is Scala?

1.2. What is Lift?

1.3. Lift features

1.4. Summary

2. Hello Lift

2.1. Getting started with SBT

2.2. Your first Lift application

2.3. Snippets and templating overview

2.4. Summary

Part 2 Application tutorial

3. The auction application

3.1. Application requirements

3.2. Template structure

3.3. Data models

3.4. Scaffolding

3.5. Validation

3.6. Summary

4. Customers, auctions, and bidding

4.1. Building an auction catalog

4.2. Displaying auctions

4.3. Summary

5. Shopping basket and checkout

5.1. Order creation

5.2. Implementing the basket and checkout process

5.3. Collecting payment with PayPal

5.4. Summary

Part 3 Lift in detail

6. Common tasks with Lift WebKit

6.1. Templates, snippets, and views

6.2. Managing state

6.3. Forms with LiftScreen and Wizard

6.4. Widgets

6.5. Summary

7. SiteMap and access control

7.1. Menus and locations

7.2. Location parameters

7.3. Customizing SiteMap

7.4. Summary

8. HTTP in Lift

8.1. HTTP pipeline

8.2. URL rewriting

8.3. Dispatching and web services

8.4. Summary

9. AJAX, wiring, and Comet

9.1. AJAX

9.2. Wiring

9.3. Comet

9.4. Summary

10. Persistence with Mapper

10.1. Setting up a database

10.2. Interacting with Mapper

10.3. Advanced Mapper

10.4. Summary

11. Persistence with Record

11.1. Common Record functionality

11.2. Record for relational databases

11.3. Record for NoSQL stores

11.4. Summary

12. Localization

12.1. Implementing localization

12.2. Defining localized resources

12.3. Summary

13. Distributed messaging and Java enterprise integration

13.1. Distributed programming

13.2. Integrating Lift into existing Java infrastructure

13.3. Summary

14. Application testing

14.1. Scala testing frameworks

14.2. Writing testable code

14.3. Testing strategies

14.4. Summary

15. Deployment and scaling

15.1. Choosing a servlet container

15.2. Handling state

15.3. Choosing a configuration

15.4. Deployment tools and techniques

15.5. Case studies

15.6. Summary

Appendix A: Introduction to Scala

Appendix B: Configuring an IDE

Appendix C: Options and boxes


What's inside

  • Complete coverage of the Lift framework
  • Security, maintainability, and performance
  • Integration and scaling
  • Covers Lift 2.x

About the reader

This book is written for developers who are new to both Scala and Lift and covers just enough Scala to get you started.

About the author

Timothy Perrett is a member of the Lift core team and a Scala developer specializing in integration and automation systems for both manufacturing and marketing workflows.

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