Learn Active Directory Management in a Month of Lunches
Richard Siddaway
  • March 2014
  • ISBN 9781617291197
  • 400 pages
  • printed in black & white

A great way to learn Active Directory or strengthen your expertise.

Joseph Moody, DeployHappiness.com

Learn Active Directory Management in a Month of Lunches is a practical, hands-on tutorial designed for IT pros new to Active Directory. It skips the theory and concentrates on the day-to-day administration tasks you need to know to keep your network running smoothly. Just set aside an hour a day for a month -- lunchtime would be perfect -- and you'll be comfortable and productive with Active Directory before you know it.

About the book

At the heart of your Windows network is Active Directory, the control center for administration, security, and other core management functions. If you're new to Active Directory administration -- or if you find yourself unexpectedly thrust into that role -- you'll need to get up to speed fast.

Learn Active Directory Management in a Month of Lunches is a hands-on tutorial designed for IT pros new to Active Directory. Without assuming previous administration experience, the book starts by walking you through the most important day-to-day system management tasks. You'll learn how to administer AD both from the GUI tools built into Windows and by using PowerShell at the command line. Along the way, you'll touch on best practices for managing user access, setting group policies, automating backups, and more.

Table of Contents detailed table of contents


about this book

about the author



Part 1 Managing Active Directory Data

1. Before you begin

1.1. AD core deliverables

1.2. Is this book for you?

1.3. How to use this book

1.4. Creating your lab environment

1.5. Being immediately effective

2. Creating user accounts

2.1. Creating new user accounts

2.2. User creation from a template

2.3. User creation in bulk

2.4. Creating managed service accounts

2.5. Lab

2.6. Ideas for on your own

3. Managing user accounts

3.1. Modifying user account properties

3.2. Enabling or disabling user accounts

3.3. Deleting user accounts

3.4. Lab

3.5. Ideas for on your own

4. Managing groups

4.1. Group types

4.2. Group lifecycle

4.3. Managing group membership

4.4. Lab

4.5. Ideas for on your own

5. Troubleshooting users and groups

5.1. Troubleshooting first steps

5.2. Password expiry

5.3. Password reset

5.4. Unlocking a user account

5.5. Group membership

5.6. Lab

5.7. Ideas for on your own

6. Managing computer accounts

6.1. Creating an AD computer account

6.2. Joining a computer to the domain

6.3. Managing the secure channel

6.4. Deleting a computer account

6.5. Lab

6.6. Ideas for on your own

7. Managing organizational units

7.1. OU concepts

7.2. Creating an OU with the GUI tools

7.3. Creating an OU with PowerShell

7.4. Protecting OUs from accidental deletion

7.5. Managing OUs

7.6. Moving objects between OUs

7.7. Lab

7.8. Ideas for on your own

Part 2 Managing Group Policy

8. Creating Group Policies

8.1. Group Policy basic concepts

8.2. Creating a Group Policy

8.3. Modifying GPOs

8.4. Setting Group Policy preferences

8.5. LAB

8.6. Ideas for on your own

9. Managing Group Policies

9.1. Applying or removing a GPO

9.2. Modifying GPO application

9.3. Modeling GPO results

9.4. Customizing GPO Refresh settings

9.5. LAB

9.6. Ideas for on your own

10. Fine-grained password policies

10.1. Fine-grained password policy concepts

10.2. Creating fine-grained password policies

10.3. Determining policies that exist in the domain

10.4. Applying PSOs to users and groups

10.5. Testing the results of a policy applied to a user using PowerShell

10.6. LAB

10.7. Ideas for on your own

Part 3 Managing the Active Directory service

11. Creating domain controllers

11.1. Creating writable domain controllers

11.2. Read-Only Domain Controllers

11.3. LAB

11.4. Ideas for on your own

12. Managing domain controllers

12.1. Discovering domain controllers

12.2. Global catalog

12.3. FSMO roles

12.4. LAB

12.5. Ideas for on your own

13. Protecting AD data

13.1. Protection from accidental deletion

13.2. Snapshots

13.3. AD Recycle Bin

13.4. Backup and restore

13.5. LAB

13.6. Ideas for on your own

14. Security: Default groups and delegation

14.1. Default groups

14.2. Delegation

14.3. LAB

14.4. Ideas for on your own

15. Managing DNS

15.1. Overview of DNS and Active Directory

15.2. DNS server administration

15.3. DNS records

15.4. Testing DNS servers

15.5. LAB

15.6. Ideas for on your own

16. Managing sites and subnets

16.1. AD site and subnet concepts

16.2. AD sites

16.3. Subnets

16.5. LAB

16.6. Ideas for on your own

17. AD replication

17.1. How replication works

17.2. Configuring replication

17.3. Testing and forcing replication

17.4. LAB

17.5. Ideas for on your own

18. Managing AD trusts

18.1. Trust concepts

18.2. Creating trusts

18.3. Managing trusts

18.4. LAB

18.5. Ideas for on your own

Part 4 Maintenance and Troubleshooting

19. Troubleshooting your AD

19.1. User problems

19.3. Replication

19.4. LAB

19.5. Ideas for on your own

20. Maintaining and monitoring Active Directory

20.1. Microsoft Operations Framework reliability workbooks

20.2. Monitoring

20.3. Maintenance

20.4. LAB

20.5. Ideas for on your own

21. Future work and final exam

21.1. Extension topics

21.2. Final exam

21.3. Ideas for on your own

22. Into the cloud

22.1. What is a cloud?

22.2. Active Directory in the cloud

22.3. Windows Azure Active Directory

22.4. Working with WAAD

22.5. Afterword

© 2014 Manning Publications Co.

What's inside

  • ADM tasks you'll need every day
  • GUI and command line techniques
  • Content tested by new administrators
  • Well-illustrated, clearly explained examples

About the reader

This book assumes no prior experience with Active Directory or Windows administration. Examples are based in Windows Server 2012.

About the author

Richard Siddaway is an experienced all-around Windows administrator with two decades of experience. He's the author of PowerShell in Practice and PowerShell and WMI, and coauthor of PowerShell in Depth.

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