JUnit Recipes
Practical Methods for Programmer Testing
J. B. Rainsberger with contributions by Scott Stirling
  • June 2004
  • ISBN 9781932394238
  • 752 pages
  • printed in black & white

No other unit testing book [offers] as much wisdom, knowledge, and practical advice .... a remarkable compendium ...

Robert C. Martin, from the Foreword

When testing becomes a developer's habit good things tend to happen—good productivity, good code, and good job satisfaction. If you want some of that, there's no better way to start your testing habit, nor to continue feeding it, than with JUnit Recipes. In this book you will find one hundred and thirty seven solutions to a range of problems, from simple to complex, selected for you by an experienced developer and master tester. Each recipe follows the same organization giving you the problem and its background before discussing your options in solving it.

JUnit—the unit testing framework for Java—is simple to use, but some code can be tricky to test. When you're facing such code you will be glad to have this book. It is a how-to reference full of practical advice on all issues of testing, from how to name your test case classes to how to test complicated J2EE applications. Its valuable advice includes side matters that can have a big payoff, like how to organize your test data or how to manage expensive test resources.

What's inside

  • Getting started with JUnit
  • Recipes for
    • servlets
    • JSPs
    • EJBs
    • Database code
    • much more
  • Difficult-to-test designs, and how to fix them
  • How testing saves time
  • Choose a JUnit extension:
    • HTMLUnit
    • XMLUnit
    • ServletUnit
    • EasyMock
    • and more!

About the authors

J. B. Rainsberger is a developer and consultant who has been a leader in the JUnit community since 2001. His popular online tutorial JUnit: A Starter Guide is read by thousands of new JUnit users each month. Joe lives in Toronto, Canada.

Scott Stirling is a Senior Software Engineer on the Platform and Tools team at Workscape, Inc. in Framingham, MA. He has been active in the JUnit community since 2000 and has contributed code to the Jakarta Ant <junit> task.

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