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Shawn Bayern
  • July 2002
  • ISBN 9781930110526
  • 480 pages
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Look inside

JSTL in Action shows you how to write rich, dynamic web pages without programming. From simple loops to tricky XML processing, every feature of JSTL is covered and exercised in numerous useful examples. Whether you are a novice page author or an experienced Java programmer, this book shows you easy ways to create powerful web sites.

about the technology

JSTL is an important simplification of the Java web platform. With JSTL, page authors can now write dynamic pages using standard HTML-like tags and an easy-to-learn expression language. JSTL is a standard from the Java Community Process, and its expression language will become part of JSP 2.0.

about the book

To help readers who don't already have a JSP container run the examples in the book, there's a free companion download here. This bundle contains a ready-to-run JSP container, a JSTL implementation, and all the book's examples.

what's inside

  • Mixing HTML tags and JSTL
  • JSTL's expression language
  • Working with loops and conditions
  • Painless XML processing
  • Accessing databases
  • Text formatting
  • Internationalization
  • JSTL configuration and performance
  • Many examples including
    • How to register and authenticate users
    • Running an online survey
    • How to build a discussion forum
    • Designing a web portal

about the author

Shawn Bayern is a research programmer at Yale University and coauthor of Manning's Web Development with Java Server Pages. He is the reference implementation lead for JSTL.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books