jQuery in Action, Second Edition
Bear Bibeault and Yehuda Katz
  • May 2010
  • ISBN 9781935182320
  • 488 pages

The best-thought-out and researched piece of literature on the jQuery library.

John Resig, Creator of jQuery

jQuery in Action, Second Edition is a fast-paced introduction to jQuery that will take your JavaScript programming to the next level. An in-depth rewrite of the bestselling first edition, this edition provides deep and practical coverage of the latest jQuery and jQuery UI releases. The book's unique "lab pages" anchor the explanation of each new concept in a practical example. You'll learn how to traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax to your web pages. This comprehensive guide also teaches you how jQuery interacts with other tools and frameworks and how to build jQuery plugins.

About the Technology

A good web development framework anticipates your needs—jQuery practically reads your mind. You'll fall in love with it when you see 20 lines of code reduced to three. jQuery is concise and readable. And with version 1.4, there's even more to love including new effects and events, usability improvements, and more testing options.

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preface to the first edition


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Part 1 Core jQuery

1. Chapter 1 Introducing jQuery

1.1. Power in the economy of code

1.2. Unobtrusive JavaScript

1.3. jQuery fundamentals

1.4. Summary

2. Chapter 2 Selecting the elements upon which to act

2.1. Selecting elements for manipulation

2.2. Generating new HTML

2.3. Managing the wrapped element set

2.4. Summary

3. Chapter 3 Bringing pages to life with jQuery

3.1. Working with element properties and attributes

3.2. Changing element styling

3.3. Setting element content

3.4. Dealing with form element values

3.5. Summary

4. Chapter 4 Events are where it happens!

4.1. Understanding the browser event models

4.2. The jQuery Event Model

4.3. Putting events (and more) to work

4.4. Summary

5. Chapter 5 Energizing pages with animations and effects

5.1. Showing and hiding elements

5.2. Animating the display state of elements

5.3. Creating custom animations

5.4. Animations and Queuing

5.5. Summary

6. Chapter 6 Beyond the DOM with jQuery utility functions

6.1. Using the jQuery flags

6.2. Using other libraries with jQuery

6.3. Manipulating JavaScript objects and collections

6.4. Miscellaneous utility functions

6.5. Summary

7. Chapter 7 Expand your reach by extending jQuery

7.1. Why extend jQuery?

7.2. The jQuery plugin authoring guidelines

7.3. Writing custom utility functions

7.4. Adding new wrapper methods

7.5. Summary

8. Chapter 8 Talk to the server with Ajax

8.1. Brushing up on Ajax

8.2. Loading content into elements

8.3. Making GET and POST requests

8.4. Taking full control of an Ajax request

8.5. Putting it all together

8.6. Summary

Part 2 jQuery UI

9. Chapter 9 Introducing jQuery UI: themes and effects

9.1. Configuring and downloading the UI library

9.2. jQuery themes and styling

9.3. jQuery UI Effects

9.4. Advanced positioning

9.5. Summary

10. Chapter 10 jQuery UI mouse interactions: Follow that mouse!

10.1. Dragging things around

10.2. Dropping dragged things

=== === / Sorting stuff === Changing the size of things === Making things selectable === Summary

11. Chapter 11 jQuery UI widgets: Beyond HTML controls

11.1. Buttons and buttonsets

11.2. Sliders

11.3. Progress bars

11.4. Autocompleters

11.5. Date pickers

11.6. Tabs

11.7. Accordions

11.8. Dialog boxes

11.9. Summary

11.10. The end?

Appendix A: appendix : JavaScript that you need to know but might not!

© 2014 Manning Publications Co.

What's inside

  • In-depth jQuery 1.4
  • Complete coverage of jQuery UI 1.8
  • DOM manipulation and event handling
  • Animation and UI effects
  • Many practical examples

About the authors

Bear Bibeault is a software architect and JavaRanch senior moderator and coauthor of Manning's Ajax in Practice and Prototype and Scriptaculous in Action. Yehuda Katz is a developer with Engine Yard. He heads the jQuery plugin development team and runs Visual jQuery.

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