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JavaScript on Things

Hacking hardware for web developers
Lyza Danger Gardner
  • February 2018
  • ISBN 9781617293863
  • 448 pages
  • printed in black & white
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JavaScript breaks free of the browser with this book!

Amit Lamba, Tech Overture
Look inside

JavaScript on Things is your first step into the exciting and downright entertaining world of programming for small electronics. If you know enough JavaScript to hack a website together, you'll be making things go bleep, blink, and spin faster than you can say "nodebot."

about the technology

Are you ready to make things move? If you can build a web app, you can create robots, weather stations, and other funky gadgets! In this incredibly fun, project-based guide, JavaScript hardware hacker Lyza Danger Gardner takes you on an incredible journey from your first flashing LED through atmospheric sensors, motorized rovers, Bluetooth doorbells, and more. With JavaScript, some easy-to-get hardware, and a bit of creativity, you'll be beeping, spinning, and glowing in no time.

about the book

JavaScript on Things introduces the exciting world of programming small electronics! You'll start building things immediately, beginning with basic blinking on Arduino. This fully illustrated, hands-on book surveys JavaScript toolkits like Johnny-Five along with platforms including Raspberry Pi, Tessel, and BeagleBone. As you build project after interesting project, you'll learn to wire in sensors, hook up motors, transmit data, and handle user input. So be warned: once you start, you won't want to stop.

what's inside

  • Controlling hardware with JavaScript
  • Designing and assembling robots and gadgets
  • A crash course in electronics
  • Over a dozen hands-on projects!

about the reader

Written for readers with intermediate JavaScript and Node.js skills. No experience with electronics required.

about the author

Lyza Danger Gardner has been a web developer for over 20 years. She's part of the NodeBots community and a contributor to the Johnny-Five Node.js library.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

The most accessible and enjoyable book on IoT tech I have ever read.

Andrew Meredith, Quantum Metric

Calling all developers! Unlock your inner hardware hacker with this exciting book.

Kevin Liao, Sotheby's

Makes developing low-level circuits fun. A pleasure to read!

Earl Bingham, You Technology