Jakarta Commons Online Bookshelf
Vikram Goyal
  • March 2005
  • ISBN 9781932394528
  • 402 pages

Great stuff! This is the ultimate missing manual to Jakarta Commons.

Glen Smith, Bytecode Pty Ltd

Written for developers and architects with real work to do, the Jakarta Commons Online Bookshelf is a collection of 14 PDF modules, each focused on one of the main Commons components. Commons is a collection of over twenty open-source Java tools broadly ranging from logging, validation, bean utilities and XML parsing. The Jakarta Commons Online Bookshelf summarizes the rationale behind each component and then provides expert explanations and hands-on examples of their use. You will learn to easily incorporate the Jakarta Commons components into your existing Java applications.

About the book

Why spend countless hours writing thousands of lines of code, when you can use the Jakarta Commons re-usable components instead? Each of the packages is independent of the others, so you can quickly pick which of the Commons components you want to learn about.

Why is Jakarta Commons so popular? Because it provides re-usable solutions to your everyday development tasks. Make your work life better starting today. Purchase the Jakarta Commons Online Bookshelf and get the guidance of an experienced Jakarta Commons pro.

Table of Contents detailed table of contents

Sample Module Content

Module 1: Browsing with HttpClient

A taste of HttpClient: downloading a web page

Reviewing the HttpClient RFCs

The HttpClient API

HttpClient in action



Module 2: Uploading files with FileUpload

HTTP and uploading files

FileUpload basics

Uploading files without using FileUpload

Uploading files using FileUpload

Handling a complex input form

Uploading large files

Uploading files to a database



Module 3: Handling protocols with the Net component

Getting to know the protocols

The Net API

Creating a multiprotocol handler



Module 4: XML parsing with Digester

The Digester component

The Digester stack

A match made in heaven?

Conforming to the rules!

Resolving conflicts with namespace-aware parsing

Rule sets: sharing your rules

Externalizing patterns and rules: XMLRules



Module 5: JXPath and Betwixt: working with XML

The JXPath story

The Betwixt story



Module 6: Validating data with Validator

The data validation process

The Validator component

Validator in action



Module 7: Enhancing Java core libraries with Collections

A taste of things to come

Collections and more



Module 8: Enhancing Java core libraries with BeanUtils and Lang

BeanUtils: JavaBeans made easy

Mind your Lang(uage)



Module 9: Pool and DBCP: creating and using object pools

The Pool component

The DBCP component



Module 10: Codec: encoders and decoders

What are encoding and decoding?

Understanding the Codec algorithms

Getting to know Codec

Codec at work



Module 11: Managing components with Modeler

Understanding JMX

Say hello to Modeler



Module 12: Command-line processing with CLI

The process of command-line interface

Introducing CLI



Module 13: Understanding and using Chain

Introducing the Chain component

Using the Chain component

Struts and the Chain component



Module 14: Working with the Logging and Discovery components

Logging makes me happy

Discovery channel



What's inside

  • Logging makes me happy
  • Discovery channel
  • Summary
  • Index

About the author

Vikram Goyal, author of Beginning JSP 2.0 and Professional JSP Site Design, regularly writes how-to articles on open source projects. His series of articles on Jakarta Commons was the first such effort to make sense out of the chaotic world of Jakarta Commons. His article series is still reflected in the official main entry page of Jakarta Commons as the only online series covering these components. Vikram is a Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform. Vikram lives in Brisbane, Australia.

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