Illustrated Guide to HTTP
Paul S. Hethmon
  • March 1997
  • ISBN 9781884777376
  • 400 pages

Practical for any web server author

Govind Tatachari, Software Consultant, Fortuna Technologies

If you're interested in building a web server—or if you're developing an application that depends or will depend on current HTTP protocols—Illustrated Guide to HTTP is for you! It covers the latest HTTP/1.1 protocol standard as found in RFC 2068 and RFC 2069. Any programmer, developer or web manager involved in web-related software needs this book to keep up with this dynamic area.

About the book

Translation rights for Illustrated Guide to HTTP have been granted for Japan. If you are interested in learning where to buy this book in a language other than English, please inquire at your local bookseller.

Table of Contents detailed table of contents



1. Introduction

1.1. Is this book for you?

1.2. Required background

1.3. The material

1.4. Finishing

2. HTTP overview

2.1. What is the World Wide Web?

2.2. General operation

2.3. A bit of history

3. HTTP/1.1

4. Finishing

5. Basic HTTP—syntax and semantics

5.1. Terminology

5.2. Protocol syntax

5.3. The basic grammar

5.4. Basic HTTP concepts

5.5. Finishing

6. The request

6.1. The Request Message

6.2. Method definitions

6.3. The request header fields

6.4. Implementation

6.5. Finishing

7. Entity and general headers, and cache-control

7.1. The entity headers

7.2. The general headers

7.3. Cache-Control

7.4. Finishing

8. The response

8.1. The response message

8.2. The response header fields

8.3. Digest Access Authentication

8.4. Implementation

8.5. Finishing

9. Sockets

9.1. The socket

9.2. Setting up the server socket

9.3. Setting up the client socket

9.4. Data transmission

9.5. Utility routines

9.6. Host name and address routines

9.7. NT specifics

9.8. OS/2 specifics

9.9. The socket class

9.10. The socket class methods

9.11. Finishing

10. The HTTP/1.1 server

10.1. The configuration file

10.2. The main program

10.3. The server

10.4. The authorization model

10.5. Request and response headers

10.6. HTTP/1.1

10.7. Finding the method

10.8. TRACE


10.10. PUT

10.11. If functions

10.12. Chunked encoding

10.13. The DELETE method

10.14. GET the document

10.15. Checking the If-Range

10.16. Transmission of byte ranges

10.17. Finishing

11. Common Gateway Interface support

11.1. Basic functions

11.2. Executing the CGI program

11.3. The OS/2 version

11.4. The Windows version

11.5. Finishing

Appendix A: HTTP syntax

Appendix B: HTTP header-field definitions




What's inside

  • Detailed coverage of the protocol specification
  • Working code for all parts of an HTTP/1.1 server
  • Detailed coverage of difficult protocol elements
  • A CD which includes complete working source code; a complete set of RFCs; Apache, Jigsaw, and libwww distributions; a hypertext index of information; and complete text of the book in HTML format.

About the author

Paul Hethmon is a developer with the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture. He is also a partner in Hethmon Brothers, an Internet software development company where he has developed FTP, SMTP, POP3, and HTTP software.

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