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Griffon in Action

Andres Almiray, Danno Ferrin, and James Shingler
Foreword by Dierk König
  • June 2012
  • ISBN 9781935182238
  • 384 pages
  • printed in black & white
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A thorough source of information...the definitive guide.

Dierk König, Author of Groovy in Action
Look inside

Griffon in Action is a comprehensive tutorial written for Java developers who want a more productive approach to UI development. After a quick Groovy tutorial, you'll immediately dive into Griffon and start building examples that explore its high productivity approach to Swing development.

about the technology

You can think of Griffon as Grails for the desktop. It is a Groovy-driven UI framework for the JVM that wraps and radically simplifies Swing. Its declarative style and approachable abstractions are instantly familiar to developers using Grails or JavaFX.

about the book

With Griffon in Action you get going quickly. Griffon's convention-over-configuration approach requires minimal code to get an app off the ground, so you can start seeing results immediately. You'll learn how SwingBuilder and other Griffon "builders" provide a coherent DSL-driven development experience. Along the way, you'll explore best practices for structure, architecture, and lifecycle of a Java desktop application.

what's inside

  • Griffon from the ground up
  • Full compatibility with Griffon 1.0
  • Using SwingBuilder and the other "builders"
  • Practical, real-world examples
  • Just enough Groovy

about the reader

Written for Java developers—no experience with Groovy, Grails, or Swing is required.

about the author

Andres Almiray is the project lead of the Griffon framework, frequent conference speaker, and Java Champion. Danno Ferrin is cofounder of Griffon and an active Groovy committer. James Shingler is a technical architect, conference speaker, open source advocate, and author.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

If you think building desktop apps is complex, this awesome book will change your mind!

Guillaume Laforge, Groovy project lead

Brings life back into Java desktop application development.

Santosh Shanbhag, Monsanto Company

Griffon makes Java GUI programming easy. Griffon in Action makes it fun.

Michael Kimsal, Publisher of GroovyMag