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Domino Development with Java
Anthony Patton
  • August 2000
  • ISBN 9781930110045
  • 467 pages
Domino Development with Java
Anthony Patton

Domino Development with Java takes the mysteries out of using the Java programming language within the Domino development environment. It provides a solid foundation for working utilization of the Java programming language in the Domino Application Server environment. The reader will learn how to build servlets, applets, JDBC, and standalone applications.

The book culminates with the implementation of an on-line shopping store using Domino and Java. Both WebSphere and VisualAge for Java integration are also covered.

Table of Contents detailed table of contents


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1. Why Java?

2. IDE

3. Java Basics

4. NotesFactory/NotesThread classes

5. Session class

6. Database class

7. View class

8. Document class

9. Item class

10. RichTextItem class

11. Working with collections

12. Activity Logging

13. Working with the ACL

14. Agent class

15. Name class

16. Working with DateTime values

17. Working with outlines

18. Creating your own classes

19. Reports

20. Searching

21. Working with the Web

22. Developing outside the Domino IDE

23. Applets

24. Standalone applications

25. Servlets

26. JDBC

27. WebSphere

28. Lotus Connectors

29. Utilizing third-party tools/code

30. The future

31. Example - Shopping Cart

32. More examples

Appendix A: Domino Java classes

Appendix B: Error codes


About the author

Anthony Patton is certified in the Domino, Java, and VisualAge technologies. He has been developing client-server applications for over six years. This includes custom development as well as shrink-wrapped products. He is a frequent contributor to industry magazines. He attended the University of Louisville.

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