C# in Depth, Second Edition
Jon Skeet
  • November 2010
  • ISBN 9781935182474
  • 584 pages

The definitive what, how, and why of C#.

Eric Lippert, Microsoft

C# in Depth, Second Edition is a thoroughly revised, up-to-date book that covers the new features of C# 4 as well as Code Contracts. In it, you'll see the subtleties of C# programming in action, learning how to work with high-value features that you'll be glad to have in your toolkit. The book helps readers avoid hidden pitfalls of C# programming by understanding "behind the scenes" issues.

About the Technology

C# 4 is even more expressive and powerful than earlier versions. You can do amazing things with generics, lambda expressions, dynamic typing, LINQ, iterator blocks, and other features—but you first have to learn C# in depth.

What's inside

  • New features of C# 4
  • Underused features of C#
  • Guidance and practical experience

About the reader

This book assumes its readers know the basics of C# and are ready to sink their teeth into the good stuff!

About the author

Jon Skeet is a Google software engineer working in London. A C# MVP since 2003 and prominent C# community personality, Jon's heart belongs to C#.

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