Building the Web of Things you own this product

With examples in Node.js and Raspberry Pi
Dominique D. Guinard and Vlad M. Trifa
  • June 2016
  • ISBN 9781617292682
  • 344 pages
  • printed in black & white
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A fantastic set of ideas and a great addition to the IoT toolkit.

Mike Kuniavsky, Innovation Services at PARC
Look inside

A hands-on guide that teaches you how to design and implement scalable, flexible, and open IoT solutions using web technologies. This book focuses on providing the right balance of theory, code samples, and practical examples to enable you to successfully connect all sorts of devices to the web and to expose their services and data over REST APIs.

about the technology

Because the Internet of Things is still new, there is no universal application protocol. Fortunately, the IoT can take advantage of the web, where IoT protocols connect applications thanks to universal and open APIs.

about the book

Building the Web of Things is a guide to using cutting-edge web technologies to build the IoT. This step-by-step book teaches you how to use web protocols to connect real-world devices to the web, including the Semantic and Social Webs. Along the way you'll gain vital concepts as you follow instructions for making Web of Things devices. By the end, you'll have the practical skills you need to implement your own web-connected products and services.

what's inside

  • Introduction to IoT protocols and devices
  • Connect electronic actuators and sensors (GPIO) to a Raspberry Pi
  • Implement standard REST and Pub/Sub APIs with Node.js on embedded systems
  • Learn about IoT protocols like MQTT and CoAP and integrate them to the Web of Things
  • Use the Semantic Web (JSON-LD, RDFa, etc.) to discover and find Web Things
  • Share Things via Social Networks to create the Social Web of Things
  • Build a web-based smart home with HTTP and WebSocket
  • Compose physical mashups with EVRYTHNG, Node-RED, and IFTTT

about the reader

For both seasoned programmers and those with only basic programming skills.

about the authors

Dominique Guinard and Vlad Trifa pioneered the Web of Things and cofounded EVRYTHNG, a large-scale IoT cloud powering billions of Web Things.

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IoT needs an application layer, and leveraging the web is the right thing to do! This terrific book will show you how to get there in a few weeks.

Sanjay Sarma, AutoID Labs, MIT

Dom and Vlad are thought leaders in IoT, focused on how to achieve results in practice.

Andy Chew, Cisco UK

A complex subject covered in detail from beginning to end ... very readable too!

Steve Grey-Wilson, Thingworx, A PTC Business