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Daniele Bochicchio, Stefano Mostarda, and Marco De Sanctis
  • May 2011
  • ISBN 9781935182467
  • 504 pages
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The right book to sharpen your ASP.NET skills.

Alessandro Gallo, MIcrosoft MVP
Look inside

ASP.NET 4.0 in Practice contains over 100 real world techniques distilled from the experience of a team of MVPs. Using a practical problem-solution-discussion format, the book will guide you through the most common scenarios you will face in a typical ASP.NET application, and provide solutions and suggestions to take your applications to another level.

about the technology

ASP.NET is an established technology to build web applications using Microsoft products. It drives a number of enterprise-level web sites around the world, but it can be scaled for projects of any size. The new version 4.0 is an evolutionary step: you will find a lot of new features that you will be able to leverage to build better web applications with minimal effort.

about the book

ASP.NET is a massive framework that requires a large amount of know-how from developers. Fortunately, this book distills over 100 practical ASP.NET techniques from the experience of a team of MVPs, and puts them right at your fingertips.

The techniques are tested and selected for their usefulness, and they are all presented in a simple problem-solution-discussion format. You'll discover methods for key new subjects like data integration with Entity Framework and ASP.NET MVC. Along the way, you'll also find ways to make your applications fast and secure.

what's inside

  • The Identity Map pattern in EF 4
  • Use Master Pages to define a common UI
  • Adaptive Rendering
  • Save user login data securely
  • ... and much more

about the reader

This book is written for developers familiar with the basics of ASP.NET, looking to become more productive with it.

about the authors

Daniele Bochicchio, Stefano Mostarda, and Marco De Sanctis are ASP.NET MVPs and core members of, Italy's largest .NET community. They are also the authors of Manning's Entity Framework 4 in Action.

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Easy to read, full of extremely helpful techniques.

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A great way to learn an exciting new technology.

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