ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts in Action you own this product

Building Dynamic Web Portals
Darren Neimke
  • August 2006
  • ISBN 9781932394771
  • 344 pages
  • printed in black & white

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Look inside

ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts in Action is packed with annotated code, diagrams, and crystal-clear discussions. You'll develop a sample project from design to deployment, adding content zones, personalization, and a custom look-and-feel. Since any website is invariably a work-in-progress, you'll appreciate learning how to upgrade your portals on the fly. Along the way you'll pick up handy code instrumentation techniques and a few tricks to help your portals manage themselves. As an added bonus, the book introduces the Microsoft Ajax Library ("Atlas") and shows how you can add Ajax to a web part. You'll even create a gadget.

about the technology

The static Web is going out of style. Its click-and-wait user experience is giving way to dynamic personalized content and intuitive interactions. With ASP 2.0, a web developer can compose a page out of separate working parts "Web Parts" that independently communicate with the server to produce rich interactive portals like Yahoo!, Google/ig, and The new Web Parts API makes it easy to centrally manage a portal's parts.

what's inside

  • Effective portal design strategies
  • Add personalization features
  • Create user-friendly controls
  • Develop custom themes and WebPartChrome
  • Automate site health monitoring
  • Techniques for graceful error recovery

about the reader

This book is for web developers familiar with ASP.NET.

about the author

Darren Neimke has been developing software for over 10 years and has been focused on .NET Technologies since the earliest beta releases in 2000. He has designed and developed a wide range of solutions using .NET, with a particular focus on ASP.NET. Darren has a passion for community involvement and is a leader in local User Groups in his native Australia. He participates actively in a number of online communities, including the prestigious ASP Insiders group. Darren has a background in financial accounting and budgeting, and has achieved Microsoft Certification M.C.A.D. status. In 2004, he was awarded MVP status recognizing his outstanding achievements in ASP.NET technology and community support.

A must for every ASP.NET developer using Web Parts.

Scott Guthrie, General Manager, Microsoft Developer Division

Squeezes the full potential out of ASP.NET Web Parts.

Andres Sanabria, from the foreward

Great book, great author, great style--there's nothing even close.

Paul Wilson, ASP.NET MVP and ASPInsider

Impressive detail. Well done!

Joe Litton, Microsoft Certified Professional

Brisk and to the point.

Stuart Caborn, ThoughtWorks

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