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Struts, Tapestry, Commons, Velocity, JUnit, Axis, Cocoon, InternetBeans, WebWork
Neal Ford
  • November 2003
  • ISBN 9781932394061
  • 624 pages
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Great combination of the three levels: patterns, frameworks, and code.

Shahram Khorsand, NetServ Consulting Sweden
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A guide to the topics required for state of the art web development, Art of Java Web Development covers wide-ranging topics, including a variety of web development frameworks and best practices. Beginning with coverage of the history of the architecture of web applications, highlighting the uses of the standard web API to create applications with increasingly sophisticated architectures, developers are led through a discussion on the development of industry accepted best practices for architecture.

about the book

Described is the history and evolution towards this architecture and the reasons that it is superior to previous efforts. Also provided is an overview of the most popular web application frameworks, covering their architecture and use. Numerous frameworks exist, but trying to evaluate them is difficult because their documentation stresses their advantages but hides their deficiencies. Here, the same application is built in six different frameworks, providing a way to perform an informed comparison. Also provided is an evaluation of the pros and cons of each framework to assist in making a decision or evaluating a framework on your own. Finally, best practices are covered, including sophisticated user interface techniques, intelligent caching and resource management, performance tuning, debugging, testing, and Web services.

about the author

Neal Ford is the chief technology officer at the DSW Group, Ltd. He is an architect, designer, and developer of applications, instructional materials, magazine articles, and video presentations and the author of Developing with Delphi: Object-Oriented Techniques and JBuilder 3 Unleashed. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Covers all facets of web application development...This book is bold!

Eitan Suez, Founder, UpToData Inc., Creator of DBDoc

You have two options: read four or five books plus stuff from all over the Net—or read this one.

Luigi Viggiano, co-founder, Turin Java Users Group

I really like what I’m reading... nice style, very approachable.

Howard M. Lewis Ship, Creator of Tapestry