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Arlen Feldman
  • July 2002
  • ISBN 9781930110298
  • 592 pages
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ADO.NET Programming covers database programming in .NET and illustrates important steps with nice examples. It shows you how you can achieve effortless separation of data presentation from data access; how to easily go from relational data to XML, and back; how to bind data directly to the Web and Windows Controls; how to write generic access code that talks to multiple databases without change; and much more. Along the way, it illuminates with well-focused examples, points out the "gotchas," and teaches best practices.

about the technology

ADO.NET, Microsoft's new data access technology, provides all the standard data access capabilities you would expect. It also solves the unique problems associated with disconnected database access needed for robust n-tier and web applications.

what's inside

  • Examples in SQL Server, Oracle and MS Access
  • Disconnected data with the DataSet
  • Moving between relational data and XML
  • Binding data to Window and web controls
  • Benefits of connection pooling
  • Building scalable, multi-tier applications
  • Distributed transactions with COM+
  • Handy references to core classes

about the author

Arlen Feldman, the chief architect for FrontRange Solutions, collaborates with Microsoft on one of the largest .NET applications to date. He lives in Colorado Springs.

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