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100 Go Mistakes: How to Avoid Them

Teiva Harsanyi
  • MEAP began June 2021
  • Publication in Spring 2022 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617299599
  • 250 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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This book is one any Golang developer will want on their bookshelf. Far from being dogmatic or prescriptive, it often provides multiple solutions to the reader, leaving some room for flexibility and individual taste.

Thad Meyer
Look inside
Spot errors in your Go code you didn’t even know you were making and boost your productivity by avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls.

100 Go Mistakes: How to Avoid Them shows you how to:

  • Dodge the most common mistakes made by Go developers
  • Structure and organize your Go application
  • Handle data and control structures efficiently
  • Deal with errors in an idiomatic manner
  • Improve your concurrency skills
  • Optimize your code
  • Make your application production-ready and improve testing quality

100 Go Mistakes: How to Avoid Them puts a spotlight on common errors in Go code you might not even know you’re making. You’ll explore key areas of the language such as concurrency, testing, data structures, and more—and learn how to avoid and fix mistakes in your own projects.

about the technology

Go is simple to learn, yet hard to master. Even experienced Go developers may end up introducing bugs and inefficiencies into their code. This book accelerates your understanding of Go’s quirks, helping you correct mistakes and dodge pitfalls on your path to Go mastery.

about the book

100 Go Mistakes: How to Avoid Them introduces dozens of techniques for writing idiomatic, expressive, and efficient Go code that avoids common pitfalls. By reviewing dozens of interesting, readable examples and real-world case studies, you’ll explore mistakes that even experienced Go programmers make. This book is focused on pure Go code, with standards you can apply to any kind of project.

As you go, you’ll navigate the tricky bits of handling JSON data and HTTP services, discover best practices for Go code organization, and learn how to use slices efficiently. Your code speed and quality will enjoy a huge boost when you improve your concurrency skills, deal with error management idiomatically, and increase the quality of your tests.

about the reader

For developers proficient with Go programming and syntax.

about the author

Teiva Harsanyi is a senior software engineer with experience in different programming languages such as Go, Rust, Java, and Scala. He has worked in various domains across insurance, transportation, and safety-critical industries like air traffic management. Today, he works as a freelance engineer coding in Go. He also blogs and mentors newcomers to the language.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

Goes beyond the basics with lots of good examples for when concepts are tough to grasp. As someone who's been coding Go for about 2 years, I learned new things.

Matt Welke

This book felt catered to me. I'm not a developer by career path, however it provides a LOT of insight into what I should be thinking about as someone without any education or formal training in Software Development. Really, really nice.

Francis J. Setash

This book not only points out common mistakes and anti-patterns, it provides solutions—a perfect combination for deeper learning.

Kevin Liao

Read this, it'll give you years of experience of Go just learning from the book. Very valuable!

Keith Kim