IMPORTANT! Job Seeker Phishing Cyber Threat

Resulting from some inquiries through our staff and support team, we learned that someone has started an elaborate phishing scam impersonating Manning Publications.

Although the fraudulent domain has been shut down, we’re still hearing of job seekers being targeted on LinkedIn, GlassDoor, Indeed and possibly others.

Our local authorities recommend that a job seeker who has been phished by an imposter take immediate action to protect their personal information and prevent any further damage. Here are some steps they recommend job seekers take:

  1. Change all passwords associated with any potentially compromised account, including email, social media, and any online banking or financial accounts.
  2. Contact their financial institution and monitor bank statements for any suspicious activity.
  3. Report the phishing incident to the appropriate authorities including:
    1. Local Police
    2. Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
    3. FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).
  4. If the phishing email was sent from a company claiming to be our organization, please notify us immediately so we can take appropriate action. Share any phishing information with

It's important for job seekers to be aware of the risks of phishing and to take proactive steps to protect themselves from these types of attacks. By being vigilant and taking action if they suspect they have been phished, job seekers can help prevent further damage and protect their personal information.

Manning Publications takes this fraudulent activity seriously and we are doing all we can to eliminate it.

We regularly recruit for a variety of different publishing roles. If you are interested in learning more about working for Manning Publications, please visit our website where there’s detailed information.