Practical GraphQL: Become a GraphQL Ninja
Tamas Piros
  • Course duration: 6h 13m
GraphQL massively improves the efficiency of your web APIs, intelligently reducing data loads to exactly what’s being requested. Practical GraphQL: Become a GraphQL Ninja is a hands-on, practical course teaching the key aspects of GraphQL and how to improve API designs. You’ll begin with the basics, and then work your way through queries, mutations, scalar types, image management, authentication, and authorization. Each new skill will be put into action by developing real-world web applications using JavaScript and React.

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This course was created independently by Tamas Piros and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.

About the subject

GraphQL helps solve issues of over- or under-fetching data from your APIs. This type-based query language gives your clients complete control over the data they request, ensuring that your APIs are faster, more reliable, and much less work for your clients to use! Best of all, you can use GraphQL with any language or stack of tools.

About the video

Have you heard about GraphQL and wanted a smart primer on the basics? Practical GraphQL: Become a GraphQL Ninja sets you up with all the skills you need to implement GraphQL in your APIs. You’ll learn by building four hands-on projects, including extending a React application with authentication and authorization and an application that can display images and upload files using purely GraphQL. At the end of 42 concise lessons, you’ll have mastered GraphQL for uploading files, serving images, and working with a MySQL database.
Table of Contents detailed table of contents


Introduction to GraphQL

Creating the application Shell

Working with Static Data

Basic GraphQL Queries and Types

Additional Basic GraphQL Queries

GraphQL Queries with Parameters

Student Challenge - create your own GraphQL Type

Solution to the Student Challenge

GraphQL Type Relationships

Type Relationships in GraphQL

Student Challenge - create a Type Relationship

Soltuion to the student challenge

GraphQL Mutations

Basic Mutations

Basic Mutations - continued

Code refactoring

Separating Models, Schemas and Resolvers

Separating Models, Schemas and Resolvers - continued

Adding a database for GraphQL

Installing MySQL and Workbench

Serving Data from the Database

Updating GraphQL Resolvers to use the database

updating GraphQL Resolvers to use the database - continued

Adding CORS to GraphQL

GraphQL and React

Getting started with React and GraphQL

Finishing up with the React and GraphQL application

Authentication and Authorisation in GraphQL

Installing the necessary dependencies

Preparing the model for authentication

Registering a user via GraphQL

Creating a JSON Web Token via GraphQL

Adding authorisation via GraphQL

Managing Images with GraphQL

Introduction to Cloudinary

Uploading images via GraphQL

Using Custom Scalars and Serving Images

Create an Application to Display an Image Via GraphQL

Using PUG as a Templating System with Express and GraphQL

Accessing GraphQL Query Data from PUG

Wrapping up the application to display a profile image

Wrapping up the application to display a profile image - part 2

Authentication via React and GraphQL

Creating the shell of the application

User Registration via React and GraphQL

User Login via React and GraphQL

Displaying a User Profile in React Using GraphQL

Enhancing the User Profile

Creating a Logout Function

File (Image) Upload in the Backend (Node.js)

File (Image) Upload in the Frontend (React, Cloudinary, GraphQL)

Creating the final profile to display a profile image via react and graphQL


For web developers familiar with React.

What you will learn

  • Create custom scalars
  • Become familiar with Resolvers, Type Definitions (Schemas)
  • Understand the importance of a data model in relation to GraphQL
  • Understand how GraphQL queries work, including parameterized queries
  • Get a working knowledge of GraphQL mutations
  • Understand how file uploads work using GraphQL
  • Learn how to serve images in a GraphQL context
  • Go hands-on and learn how authentication and authorization works in GraphQL

About the instructor

Tamas Piros is a Google Developer Expert in web technologies and a developer evangelist. He has more than a decade of experience delivering technical training to large, prestigious organizations. Throughout his career, he has delivered presentations and training classes all over the world. He is passionate about unlocking the latest & greatest features of web development.

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