Mastering Prompt Engineering: Generate text and images with AI you own this product

Exploring text and image prompts, Midjourney techniques, and error handling in AI

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This course offers a comprehensive exploration of prompt engineering, a critical skill in the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI). Aimed at educators, developers, and technology enthusiasts, this curriculum bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application in the field of AI.

Beginning with a foundational understanding, Lecture 1 delves into the essentials of prompts, their key features, and real-world examples, setting the stage for more advanced topics. Lecture 2 shifts the focus to text prompts, dissecting their structure and utility specifically for developers. This segment is crucial for understanding how language models like ChatGPT interpret and respond to textual inputs.

The course then progresses to image prompts in Lecture 3, offering a deep dive into the intricate world of visual AI. Here, participants will explore Midjourney prompts, a term encompassing the journey from prompt creation to image generation. This lecture also covers custom preferences, and various parameters such as aspect ratio, chaos, seeds, style, and normalization, which are pivotal in tailoring image prompts to specific needs.

Lecture 5 addresses a critical aspect of AI interaction: error handling. Participants will learn strategies to craft prompts that effectively manage errors, a skill particularly beneficial for student instruction and troubleshooting.

The course culminates in a hands-on project, where participants will apply their knowledge to create a website using ChatGPT and Midjourney. This two-part project not only reinforces learning but also demonstrates practical applications of prompt engineering in website development.

This course is designed to equip participants with the skills to navigate and utilize prompt engineering effectively, making it an indispensable resource for those seeking to integrate emerging technology into teaching and development in higher education.

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This course was created independently by Skool of AI (Owned by Meta Brains) and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.


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about the instructor

Skool of AI is a team of AI experts, engineers, researchers, and enthusiastic professionals who are passionate about advancing artificial intelligence and teaching others.

With over fifty years of combined experience building AI systems for a diverse range of industries, their goal is to share collective knowledge with students who want to learn both the fundamentals and practical application of AI.

Courses are led by multiple instructors, allowing students to gain exposure to varied areas of specialty, from machine learning to natural language processing to robotics and beyond. With a hands-on, project-driven approach grounded in ethics, they aspire to prepare students to apply AI to drive innovation. With great enthusiasm, they are ready to share their excitement for AI and its vast potential with AI-centered courses.

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