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Ethereum DApps in Motion
Julien Klepatch
  • Course duration: 3h 12m
    Estimated full duration: 6h 25m
    68 exercises

See it. Do it. Learn it!

DApps, or decentralized applications, are blockchain-based applications that run autonomously on a peer-to-peer network. Because neither the data nor the processing are controlled by a single entity, DApps promise to disrupt business models across every industry, including centralized government services! In Ethereum DApps in Motion, blockchain and cryptocurrency expert Julien Klepatch teaches you to build DApps on the Ethereum blockchain platform. You’ll get hands-on experience with real-world exercises in this engaging liveVideo course, featuring straightforward instruction and clear graphics. Master the skills covered in this engaging video course, and you’ll be in on the ground floor of the DApp revolution!

Table of Contents detailed table of contents



Understanding the Blockchain frenzy

The limits of blockchain

Introduction to Ethereum

The Ethereum Virtual Machine

Smart contract & Dapps

Famous Ethereum Dapps

Setup development tools

Hello World Smart Contract


Remix, the IDE for Solidity

Basics of Solidity smart contracts

Deploying & Interacting with smart contracts

Transactions vs calls

Understanding gas

MultiSig Wallet Dapp


Truffle, the framework for Ethereum Dapps

Setup the project

Deploy the smart contract with Truffle & Ganache

Interact with the smart contract using Web3

Create new transfers

Get a list of transfers

Send transfers

Access control & transfer approvals

Decentralized Exchange for ERC20 Tokens - Part I


Centralized exchanges

Decentralized exchanges

Centralized vs decentralized exchanges

ERC20 token basics

Solidity 0.5.0 and Truffle 5.0 updates

Designing our Dapp: Architecture, Tech & UI

Setup the project

Simulate users with Ethereum addresses

Create ERC20 tokens with OpenZeppelin

Wrapped Ether (WETH)

Dropdown menu for ERC20 tokens

Decentralized Exchange for ERC20 Tokens - Part II

Showing order book

Matching orders

Adding tests

Fixing security bugs (fix re-entry attacks and underflow/overflow vulnerability)

Updating our contract


0x protocol and off-chain matching

Blockchains 3.0

Final Words

About the subject

Phishing, identity fraud, XML bombs, and cross-site scripting are just a few of the serious consequences enabled when applications and data are controlled by centralized individuals or entities. DApps put control in the hands of users by taking advantage of a system built from distributed, decentralized components. In addition to being fast, reliable, and resilient, DApps are particularly resistant to common security threats and the possibility of collusion. The Ethereum platform has been used to build the vast majority of DApps, putting a premium on Ethereum blockchain and DApp skills!

About the video

In Ethereum DApps in Motion, master instructor Julien Klepatch teaches you how to build DApps using the Ethereum toolchain and an emerging body of best practices. Under his expert guidance, you’ll begin your in-depth DApp education by using the JavaScript-like Ethereum programming language Solidity to write a self-executing, self-verifying smart contract like the ones widely used in online transactions. Using tools and libraries from the Ethereum stack, including Remix and Truffle, you’ll ease into building more advanced DApps.

Along the way you’ll gain valuable skills including deploying and testing smart contracts on various blockchains like testnet and mainnet, writing Truffle migrations, and running your DApps from your browser using MetaMask. Everything you learn culminates in your final project: a decentralized exchange. With the surging interest in digital currency, that’s worth the price of admission all on its own!


For intermediate web developers with a working knowledge of JavaScript and Node. No experience with Solidity or Ethereum is necessary.

What you will learn

  • The basics of blockchain
  • How to design a DApp and its architecture
  • Creating an intermediate To-Do Dapp
  • How to deploy and test a smart contract with Truffle
  • Using the Remix IDE
  • Connecting DApps to MetaMask
  • Building an advanced ERC20 decentralized exchange

About the instructor

Julien Klepatch is a full-stack software engineer at Lendingblock, an enterprise exchange for lending and borrowing crypto assets. He shares his considerable blockchain and Ethereum expertise teaching developers how to build Ethereum DApps on his YouTube channel, EatTheBlocks.

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