Automating Infrastructure for an E-commerce Website with Terraform and AWS

Basics of the cloud, networking, databases, and backups; Basics of AWS; Basics of Terraform
skills learned
Creating a custom VPC, public subnets, and EC2 instances; Working with Terraform, Deploying microservices onto EC2, Blue-green deployment
Lionel Pulickal
5 weeks · 5-7 hours per week · INTERMEDIATE
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In this liveProject, you’ll take on the role of a cloud engineer who’s just accepted a new role at an eCommerce company. Your new employer uses Terraform to create and provision their cloud, and you’re in over your head. You need to quickly get up to speed with how Terraform works, by building a complete functioning network. Once you’ve mastered your network, your new boss has a task for you: create the infrastructure for the team’s microservices, figure out how to implement a continuous deployment pipeline, and manage NoSQL services. To tackle these challenges, you’ll use cost-effective resources from AWS and automate them using Terraform to make your colleague’s lives easier.
This project is designed for learning purposes and is not a complete, production-ready application or solution.

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project author

Lionel Pulickal
Lionel Pulickal works as a Cloud Infrastructure Analyst and has 23+years of experience in IT. He is experienced in creating solutions for a variety of business domains that include Network Management, Second Mortgage, Financial, Entertainment, Supply Chain, eCommerce and Insurance. He has worked for many big companies and also startups.


This liveProject is for developers and cloud engineers with a basic understanding of Cloud essentials, networking basics, database basics, and backups. Some small costs ($10-$20) may be required to access AWS resources.

  • Logical Reasoning and Application
  • Basics of AWS
  • Basics of Terraform
  • Basics of networking

  • Building a network layout from scratch
  • Building and Deploying manually on ECS using Docker
  • Deployment automation to ECS cluster using CI/CD concepts
  • DynamoDB Backup and Replication using Lambdas

you will learn

In this liveProject, you’ll learn how to manually build a network with a VPC and subnets, and then learn how to automate that network with Terraform.

  • Setting up Terraform
  • Creating a custom VPC, public subnets, and EC2 instances
  • Configuring and testing security
  • Deploying microservices onto EC2
  • Working with storage backups
  • Creating database replicas
  • Blue-Green deployment


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project outline


Start Project

New module

Prerequisites Test

1. Local environment setup

1.1. Local environment setup

Hello terraform

1.2. Submit your work

2. Build a Network Layout from Scratch

2.1 Build a Network Layout from Scratch

Deploying a Multi-Tiered Web Application in AWS

Securing Your System: IAM, Security Groups, and VPC

2.2 Submit your work

3. Deploy a Microservice Application on ECS

3.1 Deploy a Microservice Application on ECS

Developer Tools

Autoscaling Module

3.2 Submit your work

4. Deploying to the ECS Cluster

4.1 Deploying to the ECS Cluster

Blue Green Deployments with Terraform

Developing a Terraform CI/CD Pipeline

4.2 Submit your work

5. Working with Databases and Replication

5.1 Working with Databases and Replication

What are DynamoDB streams

Multiregion Architectures and Data Synchronization

5.2 Submit your work

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Project Conclusions


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