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Knative in Action
Take the pain out of managing serverless applications. Knative, a collection of Kubernetes extensions curated by Google, simplifies building and running serverless systems.
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Microservice APIs
Microservice APIs teaches you practical techniques for designing successful microservices with APIs that are easy to understand, consume, and maintain.
Apache Pulsar in Action
In this eBook, you will learn how to utilize Pulsar's serverless computing framework to develop lightning-fast microservices-based distributed applications.
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Kubernetes Native Microservices with Quarkus and MicroProfile
Build fast, efficient Kubernetes-based Java applications using the Quarkus framework, MicroProfile, and Java standards.
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Hardware > Software > Process
This eBook explores the hardware innovations that enable analytics and machine learning applications that would have been impossible without them.
Low-Code Applications Development with Microsoft Power Apps and Azure
Build production-ready apps faster with a low-code environment. Quickly stand up your applications with Power Apps.
GitOps with Argo CD
This eBook by Billy Yuen and the Intuit team provides the technical deep dive you need to learn how to use Argo CD to implement GitOps at scale.
Machine Learning Engineering in Action
Databricks solutions architect Ben Wilson lays out an approach to building deployable, maintainable production machine learning systems.
Cloud Native Patterns
In this eBook brought to you by Oracle, you can read the excerpt of Cornelia Davis' Cloud Native Patterns, that's intended to help you navigate key elements of the cloud native landscape through relevant, real-world examples.
Learn Kubernetes in a Month of Lunches
Kubernetes is the engine that powers complex cloud native environments. It's been deemed one of the fastest growing projects in the history of open source software.
Chaos Engineering
Auto engineers test the safety of a car by intentionally crashing it and carefully observing the results. Chaos engineering applies the same principles to software to help you build confidence and improve system design.
NLP Entity Linking for Medical Transcripts
In this liveProject, you're a data scientist at a healthcare provider that deals with large volumes of incoming text. Your task is to analyze a large dataset containing medical transcriptions and extract key points.
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free content compliments of our partners

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