Hands-on with React bundle

The React framework has reinvented the way we create web UI. Start building smooth and seamless React web apps with complete coverage from this book and video bundle.

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  • React in Action This is in eBook format
  • React in Motion This is a liveVideo
$95.98$39.99 Hands-on with React bundle
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React in Action

React in Action teaches you to think like a pro about user interfaces and building them with React. This practical book gets you up and running quickly with hands-on examples in every chapter. You'll master core topics like rendering, lifecycle methods, JSX, data flow, forms, routing, integrating with third-party libraries, and testing. And the included application design ideas will help make your apps pop. As you learn to integrate React into full-stack applications, you'll explore state management with Redux and server-side rendering, and even dabble in React Native for mobile UIs.

React in Motion

React.js is a game-changer. This powerful web framework reinvents the way you create web UI, making it possible to build responsive browser-based applications with flowing, flicker-free screens. The React in Motion liveVideo course gets you up and running with React just as smoothly. As you work through the efficient crystal-clear tutorials from experienced React developer Zac Braddy, you'll learn the ins and outs of React development, essential techniques for working with reactive applications, and handy code reuse techniques that will save you time and effort!

In this liveVideo, you'll start with the fundamentals of React, as you build your first application. You'll learn how to set up the perfect build environment, build your own components, make asynchronous calls to third party APIs, efficiently test, debug, and then finally deploy your finished reactive applications!
$95.98$39.99 Hands-on with React bundle
Bundles are not eligible for additional discounts.