Applied Kubernetes

Distributed applications have lots of moving parts. Kubernetes keeps your applications organized, seamlessly managing your Docker container, cloud, and microservices-based architecture. This bundle takes you hands-on with everything you need to deploy, operate, and monitor Kubernetes for your applications.

  • Kubernetes in Action
  • Docker in Action, Second Edition
  • Kubernetes Microservices
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Kubernetes in Action

Kubernetes in Action teaches you to use Kubernetes to deploy container-based distributed applications. You'll start with an overview of Docker and Kubernetes before building your first Kubernetes cluster. You'll gradually expand your initial application, adding features and deepening your knowledge of Kubernetes architecture and operation. As you navigate this comprehensive guide, you'll explore high-value topics like monitoring, tuning, and scaling.

Docker in Action, Second Edition

Docker in Action, Second Edition teaches you the skills and knowledge you need to create, deploy, and manage applications hosted in Docker containers. This bestseller has been fully updated with new examples, best practices, and entirely new chapters. You’ll start with a clear explanation of the Docker model and learn how to package applications in containers, including techniques for testing and distributing applications. You’ll also learn how to run programs securely and how to manage shared resources. Using carefully designed examples, the book teaches you how to orchestrate containers and applications from installation to removal. Along the way, you'll discover techniques for using Docker on systems ranging from dev-and-test machines to full-scale cloud deployments.

Kubernetes Microservices

In Microservices Kubernetes, seasoned instructor Richard Chesterwood takes you through the process of getting a microservice system running on a production cluster, with the help of visual examples and real-world exercises. You’ll explore pods and replica sets, and you’ll run Kubernetes locally using Minikube, an easy-to-use tool designed for that purpose. You’ll also learn which factors and tradeoffs to consider when making decisions about managing complex microservice systems. You’ll complete the first part of this illuminating liveVideo course on your standalone development computer. Then you’ll move to the cloud where you'll use a real AWS account. Working in a realistic production environment gives you hands-on experience monitoring your system using industry-standard tools such as ELK/Elastic Stack, Prometheus, and Grafana. As you go, you’ll practice priceless Kubernetes skills like container deployment, live cluster monitoring, log analysis, and more!

Because microservices systems can be complex to set up, this course comes with a pre-built application to deploy and run. And don’t worry if you’re not a Microservices guru! Along the way, Richard offers experience-driven insight into the design and implementation of these systems.
$287.97$59.99 Applied Kubernetes Bundles are not eligible for additional discounts.
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