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Applied Kubernetes

Distributed applications have lots of moving parts. Kubernetes keeps your applications organized, seamlessly managing your Docker container, cloud, and microservices-based architecture. This bundle takes you hands-on with everything you need to deploy, operate, and monitor Kubernetes for your applications.


  • Docker in Practice This is in eBook format
  • Kubernetes in Action This is in eBook format
  • Cloud Native Patterns This is in eBook format

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Getting Started with Docker

Want applications that are faster to deploy, easier to scale and seamless to migrate? Do it with Docker. This bundle contains all you need to start working with Docker and containerization, the revolutionary tech that’s become essential to managing Enterprise infrastructure.


  • Docker in Motion This is a liveVideo
  • Docker in Action, Second Edition This is in eBook format

Only $99.98 $49.99

Mastering Microservices

Microservices-based applications require a whole new way of thinking about software. This bundle guides you through the philosophies and techniques for testing, scaling, and ensuring the security of microservices.


  • Microservices Patterns This is in eBook format
  • The Tao of Microservices This is in eBook format
  • Microservices Security in Action This is in eBook format

Only $135.97 $67.99