New languages and new approaches to programming are always emerging. Is your code up to scratch?

Java and Kotlin Hands-on

JavaScript Gymnasium

Getting Started with Rust

Upgrade your code with the very latest version of Java, and hot new JVM language Kotlin. Packed with the latest features of both Java 9 and ways of transitioning to using Kotlin code, this bundle is essential for anyone serious about developing with Java.


  • Kotlin in Action
  • The Joy of Kotlin
  • Modern Java in Action

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Everything you need to bulk up your JavaScript skills. Filled with both ancient wisdom and cutting-edge techniques, this bundle gets you working out to deliver clean, lean, and easy-to-maintain JavaScript code.


  • The Joy of JavaScript
  • Functional Programming in JavaScript
  • Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, Second Edition

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Rust is an awesome language for safe systems programming. This book and liveVideo bundle gets you started with Rust and teaches you how to take on common systems programming tasks using its unique features. And you'll immediately appreciate the high caliber of instruction from some of the leading voices in the Rust community.


  • Rust in Action
  • Rust in Motion

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Getting Started with iOS Development

Python Gymnasium

Getting Started with Swift

One billion iPhone users are waiting for your app! Unlock Swift’s modern language features and powerful Xcode development with this book and video bundle, and build your toolbox of essential mobile development skills with Swift.


  • iOS Development with Swift
  • iOS Development with Swift in Motion

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Give your Python skills a complete workout at the Python Gymnasium! This bundle is packed with best practice projects, exercises to flex your coding muscles, and problem-solving techniques that will take your Python code to the next level.


  • Python Workout
  • Practices of the Python Pro
  • Classic Computer Science Problems in Python

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Swift is a true modern marvel—and this bundle will show you what it can do. You'll not only learn the basics of Swift, but you'll also discover how to apply it to app development, machine learning, and beyond.


  • Swift in Depth
  • iOS Development with Swift
  • Classic Computer Science Problems in Swift

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