Migrate, manage, and modernise your cloud and network infrastructure.

Getting Started with AWS

The complete bundle for anyone looking to utilize Amazon Web Services. Learn the basics through step-by-step tutorials that fit into your lunch break, then master advanced skills such as automation, security, high availability, and scalability.


  • AWS in Motion This is a liveVideo
  • Amazon Web Services in Action, Second Edition This is in eBook format
  • Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches This is in eBook format

Only $135.97 $49.99

Getting Started with Azure

Take the fast route to Azure mastery. Go step-by-step from Azure newbie to advanced data engineering, all in easy-to-follow exercises and projects. Bundle includes Microsoft-recommended material!


  • Azure Storage, Streaming, and Batch Analytics This is in eBook format This title is in MEAP

Only $75.98 $39.99

Getting Started with Linux

Roll up your sleeves and learn Linux hands-on. Get to grips with scripting, security, setting up a private cloud, and all the skills you need to manage Linux servers like a pro.


  • Linux in Action This is in eBook format
  • Linux in Motion This is a liveVideo

Only $71.98 $39.99