Deep learning is exploding, driving everything from autonomous vehicles to real-time computer vision and speech recognition. Are you ready?

Getting Started with Reinforcement Learning

Getting Started with Deep Learning

New Directions in Deep Learning

Reinforcement Learning systems improve as they interact from their environment. Learn how to use this amazing technique to build impressive DL applications.


  • Reinforcement Learning in Motion
  • Grokking Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action

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Start here. This bundle takes you from your first steps with DL to building proof-of-concept text and image processing systems in Python.


  • Keras in Motion
  • Grokking Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning with Python

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There’s always something new to explore. Start now!


  • GANs in Action
  • Practical Recommender Systems
  • Data Science with Python and Dask

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Applied Deep Learning

Production-Ready Deep Learning

Deep Learning with R

You can do amazing things with deep learning! In this bundle you'll explore applied deep learning for search, natural language, and game AI.


  • Deep Learning for Search
  • Deep Learning and the Game of Go
  • Natural Language Processing in Action

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This bundle takes you from the lab to the shop floor with larger case studies and designs for a production-grade deep learning system.


  • Machine Learning Systems
  • Deep Learning with PyTorch
  • Real-World Machine Learning

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Don't let the Pythonistas have all the fun. You can do amazing DL tasks using R! This will improve your grasp of deep learning with intuitive explanations and practical examples.


  • Deep Learning with R
  • R in Action, Second Edition
  • Deep Learning with R in Motion

Only $147.97 $59.99