Deep learning is exploding, driving everything from autonomous vehicles to real-time computer vision and speech recognition. Are you ready?

Applied Deep Learning

Production-Ready Deep Learning

Deep Learning with R

You can do amazing things with deep learning! In this bundle you'll explore applied deep learning for search, natural language, and game AI.


  • Deep Learning for Search
  • Deep Learning and the Game of Go
  • Natural Language Processing in Action

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This bundle takes you from the lab to the shop floor with larger case studies and designs for a production-grade deep learning system.


  • Machine Learning Systems
  • Deep Learning with PyTorch
  • Real-World Machine Learning

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Don't let the Pythonistas have all the fun. You can do amazing DL tasks using R! This will improve your grasp of deep learning with intuitive explanations and practical examples.


  • Deep Learning with R
  • R in Action, Second Edition
  • Deep Learning with R in Motion

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New Directions in Deep Learning

Getting Started with Deep Learning

Getting Started with Reinforcement Learning

There’s always something new to explore. Start now!


  • GANs in Action
  • Practical Recommender Systems
  • Data Science with Python and Dask

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Start here. This bundle takes you from your first steps with DL to building proof-of-concept text and image processing systems in Python.


  • Keras in Motion
  • Grokking Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning with Python

Only $129.97 $59.99

Reinforcement Learning systems improve as they interact from their environment. Learn how to use this amazing technique to build impressive DL applications.


  • Reinforcement Learning in Motion
  • Grokking Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action

Only $129.97 $59.99