There’s insight hidden inside your organization’s data. Are you ready to unlock the answers your company needs?

Getting Started with R Deep Learning

Unlock the Keras package and bring the potential of deep learning to your R data science. Learn through hands-on projects and examples, expertly illustrated in text and video in this combined bundle.


  • Deep Learning with R This is in eBook format
  • Deep Learning with R in Motion This is a liveVideo

Only $99.98 $39.99

Getting Started with Spark

Spark gives you the speed you need to run top-notch analytics on your distributed data sets. Master the basics, then get to grips with data partitioning, processing near-real-time streaming data, applying machine learning and more.


  • Spark in Motion This is a liveVideo
  • Spark in Action, Second Edition This is in eBook format

Only $97.98 $39.99

Grokking Deep Learning

You don’t need a math degree to develop deep learning algorithms - and this bundle proves it! This book and video combo gets you grokking DL with no more than high school math.


  • Grokking Deep Learning This is in eBook format
  • Grokking Deep Learning in Motion This is a liveVideo

Only $89.98 $39.99