Web Development with Apache and Perl you own this product

Theo Petersen
  • April 2002
  • ISBN 9781930110069
  • 424 pages

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Look inside

Open source tools provide a powerful and flexible environment for web development and maintenance. If your site has complex business rules or server logic, then you need more than just an interface builder. You need a strong application language with effective tools ready at hand. Perl's strengths make it a natural choice.

Did you know you can easily build a site with features like message forums, chat, session management, custom preferences and other features your users will love? Web Development with Apache and Perl shows you how. But it is more than a programming book. It covers a wide spectrum of practical issues and how to handle them, such as when to use a database, what information needs to be secure (and how to secure it), and how to keep traffic from crippling your site. It will teach you the empowering use of ready-made modules so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. And it will even teach you how to successfully advocate the use of Open Source tools in your company.

what's inside

  • CGI and mod_perl programming
  • mod_ssl, mod_rewrite and other Apache modules
  • Using DBI with databases
  • HTML::Mason and Template Toolkit for embedded scripting
  • User login and session management
  • Performance and system monitoring tools
  • Growth planning and disaster recovery
  • Sample layouts for community, corporate and e-commerce sites

about the author

A web developer committed to Open Source tools, Theo Petersen has spent many years collecting experiences from other developers and evaluating web development languages, add-ons and techniques to create a best-of-breed toolkit for web applications. This book is the result. Theo lives in Denver, Colorado.

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