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With Django and Python
Kalob Taulien
  • MEAP began July 2022
  • Publication in Spring 2023 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781633439016
  • 325 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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Upgrade your content management system! Build real-world websites, blogs, and e-commerce web apps with the Python-based Wagtail CMS.

In Wagtail CMS in Action you’ll learn essential Wagtail skills like how to:

  • Create and launch amazing websites
  • Leverage Python and Django inside Wagtail
  • Create custom page types and reusable data Snippets
  • Securely register users
  • Integrate Stripe as a payment processor
  • Apply simple caching to create a lightning-fast website
  • Customize your Wagtail dashboard

Wagtail CMS in Action teaches you how to create powerful, simple web applications using the Wagtail content management system. It’s written by a real Wagtail expert. Author Kalob Taulien is a core member of the Wagtail development team and an acclaimed Wagtail tutor who has taught over 500,000 developers through his online courses. You’ll get started quickly as you learn how to customize your Wagtail projects with Python and Django and build a fully-functioning e-commerce store.

about the technology

Wagtail CMS is a fast, elegant content management system based on Python and Django used by Google, NASA, and MIT. Wagtail works seamlessly with everything in a Python tech stack, from Django to machine learning. Plus, it offers amazing flexibility for designers with a simple templating system that gives total frontend freedom. Wagtail cleanly separates tasks and job roles, so editors can stay focused on writing content, and developers can focus on their code.

about the book

Wagtail CMS in Action is a fun, friendly guide to building websites with Wagtail. In it, you’ll learn the basics of Wagtail by creating your own simple blogging site and then quickly graduate to building a fully-functional e-commerce store! You’ll also discover important Wagtail insights such as how web requests work between Wagtail, Django, and Python and the clear responsibilities of Wagtail vs Django. Detailed explanations, images, and screenshots make it a breeze to start learning—even if you aren’t an experienced programmer.

about the reader

For readers who know the basics of Python. No Django experience required.

about the author

Kalob Taulien is a full-stack web developer who has been using Wagtail for over five years. As part of the Wagtail CMS core development team, he has created the most-viewed Wagtail content on YouTube, and he consults for Wagtail projects.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books