Struts Recipes

George Franciscus and Danilo Gurovich
  • November 2004
  • ISBN 9781932394245
  • 520 pages
  • printed in black & white
This title has been retired and is no longer for sale.

Struts Recipes is for developers and architects with real Struts work to do. It offers a broad collection of practical solutions complete with detailed code listings that will save you time and money. Each recipe clearly defines the problem it solves, gives you the background you need, and discusses the practical implications of adopting the solution. Many recipes point out little-known "gotchas" which will save you from needless grief. This book introduces you to Struts best practices so you can make your applications secure, robust, and maintainable.

Techniques presented in this book have gone through the trial by fire of real-life enterprise development and deployment you can rely on them with confidence.

what's inside

  • How to automate your projects using Ant builds
  • Cross validate your forms with a pluggable validator
  • Unit test your app for function, performance, and coverage
  • Make your application secure
  • How to deal with exceptions
  • Generate alternate views using PDF and XSL
  • Refine your UI with Struts-Layout
  • How to design a layered Struts application
  • Understand the ins and outs of the Tiles Controller
  • Use a DB in your message-resource
  • Integration with Hibernate

about the reader

This book is for developers and architects with real Struts work to do.

about the authors

George Franciscus is a J2EE consultant and Struts authority. He is a coauthor of Manning's Struts in Action.

Danilo Gurovich is a Manager of Web Engineering at an eCommerce Company. He has designed eCommerce and ERP/EAI Struts applications, and led teams who built them.

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